Polestar Solutions India Aptitude Test & Interview Questions

Polestar Solutions & Services India LLP is an IT Solutions and Services Company. Technical skills required: Analytical bent of mind Conceptual knowledge of database Good communication skills Strong conceptual knowledge of data structures Conceptual knowledge of data structures /Strong OOP knowledge.

Placement Process:- 
1) Online Aptitude Test – 20 Questions with 25 minutes of time duration – 0.25 Negative marking – with no back tracking questions – questions basically from quants, logical reasoning, and you may find some verbal questions too.

Quants questions may be asked from: - Number series, Trains, Boats. Compound/Simple Interest, Time Speed Distance, Work etc.

Logical reasoning questions you can practice: - Data interpretation, Blood relations, some puzzles like seating arrangement, coding-decoding etc.

2) Technical Interview :- Most chances of rejection

We have listed out the complete interview questions in another post, you can visit here

3) Director round (Technical discussions mostly happens and less chance of rejection)

4) HR Interview

Polestar Solutions Interview Questions:- After successful completion of Aptitude test, there will be 2 sets of technical interviews followed by HR interview

Technical Interview Questions asked in Polestar IT company:- 
  • Resume related 
  • About me Project details 
  • Data structures 
  • Scenario-based SQL Queries and Commands 
  • SQL Group by, having, delete queries 
  • Aptitude questions 
  • SQL Aggregate function -> Select * from SUM (NULL) 
  • WAP to reverse a number. 
  • PUZZLE questions if you mentioned in the CV like 5 fastest horses puzzles 
  • Basic algorithms 
  • Write the program for print alternative prime number. 
  • WAP to print Fibonacci series 
  • How to remove repetitive characters from a string? 
  • Put a string in reverse order 
  • How to detect cycle in Linked list
  •  Print alternate prime no. Between two numbers 
  • They will test for logical situations and decision making skills 
  • Find the unit place of number 1! + 2! + 3! + 4! + 5! +......99! 
  • Write the program to print the square root of a number (any number not necessarily perfect square. 
  • SQL Normalization (3NF asked) 
  • Remove all alphabets from an alphanumeric string 
  • Object-Oriented Programming 
  • How to handle a tough situation? 
  • Some programming questions 
  • Program to print prime numbers alternatively

HR Interview Questions:- 
  • Tell me about yourself 
  • Why Polestar 
  •  How long will you serve for the company? 
  • Are you willing to relocate? 
  • What value will you add to the company? 
  • Salary structure

Please find Aptitude test questions here on the another post

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