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1.      Given H(s) = 2S/[1+S/10][1+S/10,000] The Bode plot has a region of constant |H(?)| of value

2.      Z = R + sL. Given R = 10O. and L = 0.1H. The Bode plot of |Z| has

3.      The given shunt-tuned circuit resonates at a frequency of 40 MHz. It will

4.      Which of the following statement is true?

5.      Whenever two charges are separated, there exists

6.      When a lead-acid battery is charged

7.      In a series RLC circuit at resonance, with Q=10, the voltage across the inductor is :

8.      The impedance function of a ladder network may be readily computed using :

9.      The current 1 in the figure is

10.     In the given R-C circuit, the current reaches its maximum value :

11.    A 100 volt source with an internal resistance 45 ohms is connected across a wire wound resistor.

        The maximum power will be dissipated in the resistor when its resistance equals

12.   A four terminal network constitutes a :

13.   The energy stored in any twe charges in any electric field as a result of electrostatic force is termed as

14.   A coil has self resistance of 5O and XL = 1000O at frequency of 1 MHz. The value of Q is :

15.   When two 2-port networks are connected in tandem, it is convenient to use :

16.   The power dissipated by a series RCL circuit is _____ at the resonant frequency and is equal to _____.

17.    The transient current in a circuit are due to :

18.     In the given circuit, the current is :

19.     Rheostats are usually rated in

20.    The period of a periodic curve is

21.     Transient currents are associated with the

22.     Cells are connected in scries to :

23.     In a parallel circuit with registers R1 R2 and R3 shunted across a battery

24.     Time constant of a capacitance circuit may be defined as the time during which voilage :

25.     The polarity of the voltage drop across a resistor in a charging RC circuit is

26.     The hot resistance of a bulb's filament is higher than its cold resistance because the temperature coefficient of the filament is :

27.    There are three 100 bulbs in parallel across 220V, 50 Hz line. If one bulb burns out:

28.    As frequency increases inductive reactance ______ and capacitive reactance ______.

29.    State variable approach of network analysis is a

30.     A pole of a driving point impedance function signifies :

31.     In the given RC circuit, the current is i(t) = 2cos5000t Amp. The applied voltage in volts is 

32.     A coil of 6 Henry develops a counter of 12 volts. The rate of change of current flow must be

33.     The time constant of the basic circuit is given by

34.     In an impedance function, a pole at infinity is realized with the use of :

35.     With electrical appliances, the power rating is determined by

36.     A capacitor used in a 240 volt, a.c. line should have a peak voltage rating of

37.     If a wire conductor of resistance 0.4O is doubled in length, its resistance becomes :

38.     If No. of branches in a circuit is b, No. of nodes is n and No. of independent loops is l then the number of independent current laws will be

39.    In series resonance circuit the voltage source is

40.    If four 80 µf capacitors are connected in parallel, the net capacitance is

41.     The short circuit natural frequency at port (1) is given by

42.     Millman's theorem is best to find

43.     If four resistors each of 4 kO are connected in parallel, the net resistance is

44.     The following is a linear element

45.     A cube is constructed by soldering together twelve 1Ω resistance wires to represent the twelve edges. The resistance between any two diagonally opposite corners will be :

46.    The power dissipated in a series RC circuit with R = 10 ohms and X = 10 ohms carrying an effective current of 3 amp is --- watts

47.    The current i in the circuit is

48.     Inductances (equal value connected in parallel) results in

49.     The double energy transients occur in the

50.     Brune's method of network synthes is particularly used in

51.     Equivalent Norton's current source lor the voltage source of a given circuit is :

52.     In an RC coupling circuit the phase angle is

53.     In the circuit Vs = 10 cos(ωt). Power drawn by the 2 ohm resistor is 4 watts. The power factor is

54.     Norton's theorem results in :

55.     To find Thevenin's equivalent impedance in a circuit:

56.     The net reactance phasor of a series RCL circuit can be found

57.     An electrical circuit having one or more voltage sources is transformed into equivalent electrical network with a single voltage source (which is open circuit voltage of previous circuit) with series internal resistance of the network with all voltage sources replaced by their         internal impedance. This is an illustration of:

58.    A source Vs = 200 cos(ωt) delivers power to a load at power factor 0.8 lagging. The reactive power is 300 vars. The P(Sub)av, is given by

59.    Two resistances are connected in parallel and each dissipates 20 watts. The total power supplied by the voltage source equals :

60.    Two 1kΩ, 1 watt resistors are connected in parallel. Then combined resistance and wattage rating will be :

61.    The phase relationship between wave A and B starting at 60° and 30° respectively is

62.    The value of current at resonance in a series RLC circuit is affected by the value of :

63.    Kirchoif's voltage law cannot be used

64.     In a series RLC circuit at resonance, with Q = 5, the voltage across capacitor is :

65.     At resonance in a series RCL circuit the applied voltage equals the _____ voltage drop.

66.     The circuit whose properties are not the same in either direction is known as :

67.     In RLC circuits, the current at resonance is :

68.     If the wire which is vertical to this page has electron How downward the conductor will have

69.     A capacitor Cat timer = 0+ with initial charge: Q0 acts as :

70.     In the circuit shown, the ammeter reads 1 ampere and voltmeter 10 volts. The internal resistance of the ammeter is 1 ohm and that of voltmeter is 50 ohms. The value of R is

71. An active network has

72. A planer graph has total number of branches b = 7. Number of meshes = 4. The dual graph will have total number of nodes given by

73. The power factor for a purely resistive circuit has a value of _____ while a purely inductive circuit results in a value of _____ . 

74.     In band pass filter, the shunt element is : 

75.     The time constant of the capacitance circuit is defined as the time during which voltage across the capacitor

76.     In a band stop filter, the shunt element is :

77.     The power factor for a circuit is of the order of

78.     The phase angle for a series RC circuit may be computed as the angle between the following phasors.

79.     In band pass filter, the series element is :

80.     A series RLC circuit resonates at 1 MHz. At frequency of l.l MHz, the circuit impedance will be :

81. A voltage source V(Sub)S = 200 cos ?t has an impedance across it. The reactive power is 200 vars and the power factor is 0.866. The power

82. A series RC circuil is fed from 5 V d.c. source.

        If R = 10 O and C = 1 µf, the current will be maximum :

83. The phase angle of a scries RL circuit is the angle between the phasors given by.

84. The property of a coil carrying a changing current to induce a counter e.m.f. is called

85.     If we convert the circuit below in a single source and a single resistance the values will be

86. Energy required to move 3 C of charge is 3J. E.M.F necessary is

87. The impulse response of a series RLC circuit is:

88. The resistance phasor for a series RC circuit points to the right. The capacitive reactance phasor points _____ while the diagonal of the

        rectangle having these two phasors as sides represents the ______. 

89. A capacitor C at time t = 0+ with zero initial charge acts as a :

90. The power supplied by 5 A source in the circuit is given by

91.     An inductor, at t = 0+, with zero initial current acts as :

92. As the poles ofa network shift away from the axis the response becomes

93.     The current in the 12 O. resistor in the following circuit is given by

94.     The circuit presents

95. A passive network has :

96.     As the poles of a network shift away from the axis, the response becomes :

97.     To find Z in thevenin's theorem

98. Open circuit voltage is the potential difference between two points when the impedance between these points is

99.     Effective impedance in Parallel resonance is given by

100.    An electrical network with 8 independent nodes will have :

101. In a circuit containing a complex impedance, maximum power transfer takes place when

102. The impulse response of a series R—L circuit is

103. The direction of the current flow in a conductor is

104. The series element of a prototype high pass filter is:

105. A 220 V, 50 Hz power supply implies that the peak value of the a.c. voltage is :

106.    The mutual inductance of a transformer with perfect coupling and a primary inductance of 100 henrys and secondary inductance of 2.25 henrys         is

107. There is a half power point on 

108. In an RLC series circuit, at resonance the impedance is:

109. 2H inductor carrying current of 2 amps will store energy of:

110. The impedance diagram is, similar to the diagram with the resistor voltage replaced by the 

111. The number of branches n in a tree of a network equals :

112.    Which of the following statements is true

113.    The curve is _____ at the _____ decreases on both sides.

114.    Kirchoff's law fails in the case of

115. The direction of current in a.c. circuit

116. Which of the following statement is correct

117. The charge is transported from one plate of a capacitor to the other through the external circuit. This process gives the appearance of a

        current flowing through the ____ at through there is no such ______. 

118.    Voltage divider circuits use

119.    A network is said to be nonlinear if it does not satisfy :

120. The voltage across a resistor the current through it by 

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