Earn Money Online Best 100 Tips to Start your Online Bussiness

Earn Money Online Best 100 Tips to Start your Online Bussiness

If you’ve been on the internet for more than a few hours, you’ve likely seen at least one advertisement teaching you how to make thousands of dollars a minute, working from your underwear, in the comfort of your own home. These ads are so ridiculously popular that if you’re like most people, you start doubting whether it really IS possible to make money online. 

The truth is, it IS possible. It might be hard to make thousands of dollars a minute from the get-go (or at all), but there are certainly ways you can make money working from home with ease.  In this report, I am going to share 100 different ways in which you can create more income. I have tried to cover all types of methods for all different personality and skill types, and I am confident that you’ll be able to find at least a few that sound good to you. 

While some of them require more work than others, please know that you can mix and match. For example, maybe you can do a few hours of forum moderation at $10 an hour for $30, and then make up the extra $70 doing something else. The key is to have fun and do whatever you enjoy. 

I have given an overview of each idea, and then fleshed them all out a little bit so you could get started on whatever you like, immediately. 

It is my sincere hope that you get a lot out of this report and that you take action and start making money! Without any further ado, let’s get started

1. Forum Posting: 

One of the easiest ways to make money online, if you have a flair for talking, is by forum posting. 

A lot of webmasters have started hiring people to post on their forums so that their forums look busy and popular. They feel that by making their forums look more popular, they will be able to attract more long-term visitors. 

When you’re posting in forums, all you would have to do is initiate new threads, or respond to existing ones, and keep conversations going. You may do this by posting interesting thoughts, thought-provoking conversations, or teaching people things. 

A cool perk of this job is that you get to learn new things. Also, if you post in forums that you’re already interested in, you basically get paid to have fun.

2. Forum Moderator: 

As long as forums exist, forum moderators need to exist. This is because webmasters need people to block negative comments, make sure things are running smoothly and forum users are getting their questions and comments responded to. 

To be a forum moderator, you would need to monitor comments posted by users, delete spam, answer questions from users, and reply to user messages. You would also encourage threads, add new content to the site, and block comments posted by people who ignore forum rules. 

If you have an interest in certain forums, this could be very interesting for you to do. Just like with forum posting, you also have the potential to learn a lot. You can find further tips here. 

3. Article writing: 

If you are a good writer, you can earn money by writing articles for people with websites.  Many website owners know that they need to keep their websites current and up to date, but don’t have the time to constantly create new content for them. Because of that, they hire people who can write on their behalf. 

4. Become A Blogger: 

If there’s something you’re passionate about, you can create a blog where you can talk about it. This is a fun way to share your passions while learning and teaching about what you’re already excited about. In order to do this well, you would need to be a good writer with the ability to make people interested. You would also need to be able to post fairly regularly to a blog. 

Blogs can be monetized in several ways. Just some ways are to have companies pay you to post their advertisements (this is better for blogs with a lot of traffic), or put Google AdSense on your blog. With this option, Google pays you every time someone clicks on an advertisement. 

5. Guest Writer:

Webmasters sometimes need specific experts to create content for their websites. They might not know enough about a specific topic, or want to have someone else’s insight. If you’re an expert in any particular niche, you can make some excellent money by writing in and offering your wisdom.

6. Podcasting: 

Podcasting is similar to blogging, only you would do it via voice instead of typing. You would get the same benefits and approach it the same way (post regular content, etc.)… but it’s just a way to suit people who would rather learn via listening versus reading. 

7. Online Counselor: 

Many people like to go online for counseling instead of meeting people in person. They feel that they can be more anonymous this way, and they also have the convenience of not needing to drive anywhere. If you have the ability to counsel people effectively, this could be a fun job for you. You do not need to have a special degree, although it would obviously give you a cutting edge.

8. Translation: 

If you know any other second language, then it will help you make money by opting for translation jobs. This is another easy way to make use of your spare time and convert it into money. Especially if you know any of the languages for which translators are in huge demand.

9. Outsourcing Middle-Man

Many companies look to hire people in order to help them expand their web presence, to create content for their blog, or help assist them with other tasks. If you are good at managing people as well as marketing, you can act as an “agent” for some outsourcers. Identify people that can do certain work, and then advertise their services to other businesses. Mark up the price so that you can make a profit. 

10. Employee Referral

Many companies will offer referral bonuses for people who can recruit excellent new employees for their organization. If you know a lot of people or have relationships with recruiters, this can be an easy way to earn some extra cash. You can also find potential prospects for companies by using the internet.

11. Become a website or domain broke

There are a lot of people interested in buying people’s sites. They would like to buy sites so that they can own established websites without having to do the work on their own, or they see profit potential on sites, and so on and so forth. A lot of people would love to sell their sites, too… but don’t know how.  As a website broker, you can connect buyers and sellers to each other and take a percentage of the sale for making the introductions.

12. Start A Forum Posting Website

As stated before, many webmasters want people to post in their forums. A lot of times they will hire just one person, but at other times, they want a lot of people to go in at once but don’t feel like hiring a lot of individual people. If you can pool up 5-10 forum posters yourself, you can provide a “one-stop” service where a webmaster can pay you and you can then go out and pay people individually. 

13. Referral Exchange Programs: 

There are many independent programmers who take a lot of work from clients. There are times when they have too much work to do and can’t take on new projects, so they have to pass on new jobs. 

You can create relationships with these people in order to take their excess work, and then either outsource it or do it yourself. On the other hand, if you have too much work to handle. you can refer it to other people and charge them fees for your references. No matter which way you decide to do this, you can profit. 

14. Buying and selling links: 

In order to get higher search engine rankings on Google, a lot of people feel that they need to have a lot of backlinks pointing to their site. 

Backlinks are basically links on other people’s websites pointing to another site. When someone links to another person’s website, it shows Google that their website is worth linking to, and so Google gives it a preference for their search engine placements. 

The higher the search engine placement, the more publicity a business gets, so a lot of people try hard to get more links to their websites.  Because so many people want links, you can profit on this by acting as an intermediary between people who are willing to sell links and people who are willing to buy them. 

15. Resell SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is something that websites often use in order to prove that their website is secure. This certificate is digitally “signed” by a certificate authority that people already trust after they verify the identity of a secure site. 

Many website visitors need to know a site is secure before they submit payment or personal information, so webmasters NEED SSL certificates. 

You can become a partner with any company that offers SSL certificates and resell them on their behalf. These companies either will either sell their SSL certificates to you at a discount, and you can resell them, or they will offer you incentives based on the number of sales you make. You can find examples of such incentives here or here. 

16. Drop Shipping: 

Some people hesitate to sell on eBay and other websites because they don’t want to have to go through the pain of storing products, getting them packaged properly, and then shipping the products to customers. 

There is an alternative to that though, called drop shipping. If you opt for this, then you don’t need to touch the products at all. All you would do is sell the products, and then once you make a sale, a wholesaler would ship it on your behalf as soon as you provide them the name and address of each customer. 

17. Sell your unused items

If you have unused items - anything from old clothes to your grandmother’s antiques at home, then try to sell those items on eBay. You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and it could be quite possible to earn quite a bit of money while uncluttering your home.

18. Buy and Sell Items on eBay

If you frequent eBay, you can attempt to buy other people’s items and sell them for a higher price. A lot of times people misspell their listings or don’t quite know the value of what they’re selling, so you can score bargains and then resell them for a profit. 

Another alternative is to buy items in bulk and sell them individually to various buyers at a higher price.  You can do this either by placing an advertisement to attract those interested in selling their unused items or browsing through eBay itself to buy and sell old items. 

19. Sell other people’s items one Bay on their behalf: 

In eBay, you have the option to list items that are not yet in your possession. However, if you choose to do it, then you must ensure that you don’t violate eBay’s pre-sale item policy. 

The cool thing about this is that you can buy things online that are close to selling out, and then list them on eBay while you wait to get them. 

You can also sell your friend’s items without needing to physically have them in your home. Another thing you can do is sell items before you buy them to gauge demand. This is a cool way to get extra profit without having to take on any risk.  Some things you can sell are tickets,

20. Write an eBook on buying and selling techniques in eBay

If you decide to do the aforementioned items with success and are a talented writer, then why not write an eBook about using eBay to make a lot of money? 

Though many people might be aware of eBay basics, they might still buy the book to look out for new ways. Make the eBook as simple and creative as possible. A well-advertised book can sell for a long time, and any profit you make will be pure profit as the product would be delivered digitally and there would be no shipping costs.

Do you have a lot of spare time? Are you interested in utilizing it to make money? Do online jobs interest you? If so, some of the ideas listed below might suit you: 

21. Participate in Paid Surveys

This is one of the ways that a lot of students love to make easy and quick cash. When you work with paid surveys, you get paid to participate in surveys as well as share your opinion. While these don’t pay as well as some other options, the earnings add up, and all work is very easy.

22.  Submit links to Social Bookmarking sites on behalf: 

Because there are so many websites online, it can be very difficult for webmasters to get their sites noticed and stay competitive. 

In order to attract more visitors and build traffic for their sites, website owners sometimes decide to submit their websites to Social Bookmarking sites. Instead of doing it themselves, they often opt to hire service providers for a small fee, to submit their website links on various Social Bookmarking sites. 

23. Take up part-time Data Entry jobs: 

A lot of companies have random requests for different things, such as converting hard-copy data to electronic data. 

24. Get hired as a Virtual Assistant

Individuals who run their own businesses often find it very difficult to manage and organize things by themselves. By working as a virtual assistant, you can help people schedule meetings, organize day-to-day activities, answer phone calls, etc., and so on. If you are good at research and organizing things, then you can opt to get hired as a virtual assistant. 

25. Participate in contests

If you have a lot of time to spare, then you can start participating in contests offered by various sites.  It’s obviously likely that you won’t win all of the contests, but the more you participate, the better your odds. Little things do start earning up and besides money, you can possibly win things like movie tickets, sample products, gift coupons, etc

26. Editing and Proofreading jobs: 

There are times in which articles or reports need to be edited and proofread before they’re ready to be published online.  If you are a native speaker of whatever language a client needs a document proofread, or have good command over that language, then you can pick up editing and proofreading jobs. 

27. Email And Phone handling: 

This is similar to a virtual assistant position but doesn’t require making appointments or needing any extensive skills. To do email and phone handling, you would mostly do things such as cold calling, answering queries over the phone, and handling emails. 

28. Browse the net and get paid: 

It might sound a bit hard to believe, but you can get paid to surf the internet.  If you install a company’s software, they will often pay you to keep it on while you are surfing the web.  The reason the companies do this is so that they can track your activity and figure out what sites their users go to, as well as figure out how to market. 

The downside of this one is that sometimes you’ll start finding random advertisements popping up, so do your due diligence and get a popup blocker (can be found for free by running a Google search). 

29. Click on ads and get paid:

Some companies will pay you to click on their advertisements in hopes of you liking the content on the other side.  You can earn money for every ad you click, and this requires no skills at all.

30. Browse through freebie sites and get paid: 

There are a lot of freebie sites online that you can sign up to in order to get a lot of valuable free items. While these sites don’t always offer cash, you can take the freebies and sell them to other people.

31. Software Load Testing

When a piece of software is almost finished with development, a company will hire people to test it out for them in order to find bugs and see how effective the software is. The company can take the information and improve its product before releasing it to the mass market. 

32. Game Tester

Game testing is similar to software testing. With this, you would play and test out games in order to identify possible defects. As a game tester, you would need to play the game step by step and should look for even the smallest of errors, if any, and provide a detailed report. 

33. Become an Application Tester: 

Application Testing involves testing websites in all browsers and in all operating systems to make sure that an application will work for any possible user. At times, application testers are given various scenarios to test different outcomes (ie “go here, then here, then here”). Further changes or enhancements will be done by a company based on the testing results that application testers provide. Some companies, like this one, ONLY provide application testing services.

34. Write software for resale, with rights

If you are very good at programming, this is a great way to earn extra cash. Because there are so many websites and different needs, if you can create a program that solves a need for clients, you can sell it for a good amount of money. You could also offer resale rights to the program, which allows other people to sell it and collect the commissions. If you do this, you can charge a premium. This is great if you’re not a fabulous marketer but still want to earn a lot of money. 

35. Design or build websites for people: 

If you are good at HTML, graphics, and Photoshop, then web designing might be a great option for you to consider. In order to create websites, you just need some creativity and know-how of how to use the tools. You can often create impressive websites using templates alone, and people will gladly pay so that they don’t need to take the time to figure out how to learn the programs. 

36. Writing web components 

If you know Java and know how to write web components, you might want to take a shot at selling them. Sometimes, students are interested in purchasing things like drop-down boxes or combo boxes for different projects. Other times, webmasters want them done. You can either create components yourself or apply for piecemeal jobs.

37. Create an automation software and charge for the service

Many people have begun becoming very interested in automation services or software where a task can be done for them without having to do as much manual work.

38. Modify and create additional functionality to existing software: 

There are times when existing software is good, but could really use certain improvements. You can make these improvements and either sell them to the company or sell them to users of the programs. 

39. Create your own search engine 

A fun way to earn extra money is by creating your own search engine. You can have friends and family use it, and then start advertising it to other people. You can also make niche-specific search engines that would be very appealing to people who are passionate about specific things and want all the information they can get. 

40. Provide Uptime monitoring services: 

Webmasters generally want to make sure that their website is working as frequently as possible. If their site goes down for any reason, they want to know how long it was down and why. This is crucial for webmasters as a lot of times, their sites are their sources of income.  Because of this, they hire people to monitor the uptime of their websites. 

41. Answer technical questions for a fee: 

If there’s something you’re very strong in, then set up a website for yourself and allow customers to ask any questions they want. 

You can either charge a monthly fee or a per-question fee, and then reply back to them within a reasonable amount of time.  Because there are so many sites that provide answers for free, you want to make sure that if you do this, it’s something that you have extensive knowledge in and can really help add value with. 

42. Assist people in the installation of applications

Many people are not tech-savvy at all. A lot of people don’t know how to do much more than check their email and browse the web but want to create a website.  If you are pretty competent at installations, you can easily make money by installing applications and/or software on people’s computers.

43. Provide Forum Hosting services: 

If you know how to set up a server base, then you can provide forum hosting services.  By doing this, you are allowing less technically savvy people to host their forums on your website. You can easily find free and excellent forums to install, such as this one. That script allows you to host multiple forums on one site. 

44. Provide backup storage services offsite: 

Disaster recovery planning and data recovery during a disaster are very important for every company.  If you could set up or rent a server offsite and offer remote storage services for a company, then you could make a lot of money out of it. 

45. Create templates for popular blogs/forums: 

If you are very creative and are good at designing templates, then you can design impressive templates for popular forums or blogs and start selling them.  If your designs are appealing, then you can make a lot of extra money. 

46. Start an online virtual store: 

You can set up a store by using either drop shipping as we talked about earlier, or by selling something that you create (some examples are homemade candles, scrapbooks, or quilts). 

You can either mass-market items, or you can offer your services and have people pay you per order, and then only start acquiring the product once you get paid (so for example once someone gives you the money you start knitting a quilt). 

47. Create an affiliate website:

If you don’t want to sell products - either with dropshipping or having your own products - then you could also consider becoming an affiliate.  As an affiliate, you simply refer people to other sites and earn a commission every time a sale is made.

48. Build a Directory listing

You can choose any particular topic(s) and build a quality directory on it.  On the directory, you would create hyperlinks to all of the websites within whatever your directory is about. 

You can do this for free, and then place advertisements on your site, or you could charge people to be placed on your directory.  Got a passion or talent for something? Interested in converting it into money? Then listed below are some of the ideas that might suit you: 

49. Stock Photography: 

If you are interested in photography, then you can take some interesting pictures and sell them as Stock Photos.  Stock Photography is simply the act of licensing your photos so that people can use them as they wish. This is a fun way to make money on a passion that you already have.

50. Make money with mis-spellings: 

There are a lot of people who misspell domain names when they’re looking for things, and get redirected to empty pages. 

You can buy the misspelled domains and redirect them to the right one (including your affiliate link - see #47 for more info). You will get credited with affiliate commissions for doing nothing but capitalizing on the mis-spellings. 

51. Shoot an interesting video and start selling it online: 

If you can shoot an interesting video, then you can sell it online and make money.  Your video can be anything from an interesting event, video tutorial, demo video, and so forth. 

52. Invest in stocks

This is definitely one of the riskier ways to make money. However, some people believe “the greater the risk, the greater the reward”, so I am including it here.

53. Invest in buying valuable websites: 

You can make a lot of money by identifying small, valuable websites, and then buying them.  If you can make even a few tweaks to improve profit and then hold on to the sites for a little bit of time, you can flip the sites and make more money than when you started.  Are you an expert in Photoshop? Do you know all the tricks? If so, some of the ideas below might suit you: 

54. Design and sell T-shirts: 

Create impressive images, logos, or compelling text via Photoshop. Get your creations printed on tee shirts and start selling them online. 

You can also make custom shirts for people. For example, some people might want their child or spouse’s picture on a shirt. You can use Photoshop to do any touch-ups, and then sell the shirt for a premium price. 

55. Design banners: 

If you’re an expert in Photoshop or other image creation software, you can design website banners for different companies and websites. 

56. Design Company Logos: 

Every company needs a logo to establish its brand strongly. You can design these logos and collect some pretty great profits.

57. Design cartoons for websites: 

Some website owners like to have different cartoons on their website - either in comic strip ads to illustrate a point, or just throughout their websites. 

58. Know how to design a template for digital scrapbooking? 

Many people adore scrapbooking as a way to preserve their precious memories.  While in the past, people had to use physical photo albums, a lot of people now love to go online and keep their memories in digital form. 

If you can create custom templates for people, or even make generally impressive scrapbook templates for the masses, you can have a very fun business.

59. Sell ClipArt: 

If you are good at graphics, you can make different ClipArt and icons to sell.  Because webmasters generally have a need to make their websites look colorful and inviting, a lot of them are willing to pay for your designs. 

You can make custom designs for people based on their website and niche, or you can make ClipArt to sell to the masses. 

 60. Design website security seals 

Many online browsers feel a lot better when they see security seals on web pages. This makes them feel as if their personal information is secure, and is especially helpful when they need to add their personal or payment information to a website. 

61. Create background templates for Myspace profiles: 

Everyone loves to express themselves, and MySpace is a perfect place to do it. 

Even though the site has lost some popularity, it is still very popular, and many users love having individual templates to express themselves. 

While there are plenty of free templates around, you can distinguish yourself by making custom-tailored templates for people that really express who they are. 

62. Edit or restore old photos: 

Most people love having lots of pictures in order to preserve their memories. However, since pictures fade away after a long time, there is often a need to restore them.  If you know how to use Photoshop, you can restore pictures for people and earn quite a bit of money. You can also give the photos touch-ups, add backgrounds, or do whatever else the client wants, for extra income. 

63. Offer Video Montage Services: 

This is another service in which you can make great money by helping people create memories.  If you can take some pictures that a customer provides, put together a nice slide show with background music, and burn it to DVD, you can have a great and fun business. 

These video montages would be great as unique presents for people that would provide lifetime memories. 

The more innovative you are, the more sales you will likely get. To get an idea of how some people market their montages, check here. 

64. Write SEO Optimized articles: 

Many people look for keyword-optimized articles in their niche to generate more traffic to their websites. 

If you have knowledge of SEO and can write keyword-optimized articles in any niche, then you can make good money out of it. 

65. Write interesting eBooks and sell them online: 

As everything goes digital, most people prefer to read books digitally instead of getting hard copies that take up space. 

Create a small eBook of 50-100 pages on any interesting topic and start selling it. 

66. Write an eBook for others for a service fee: 

A lot of people hire writers because they want eBooks created but feel that they’re not good writers themselves, or because they want to save time. 

If you are a good writer and feel confident that you can write eBooks on lots of topics (keeping in mind that you can always do research), then you can start writing for a fee.

67. Rewrite eBook for others for a service fee: 

If you are good at rewriting articles, then you can take up eBook rewriting jobs. To rewrite an eBook, you need to go through the existing content and rewrite it in your own words without distorting its meaning. Rewriting can be much easier compared to original writing because it doesn’t require any research. 

68. Start teaching online: 

If you are an expert in any subject, start teaching online and make money from it. 

You can teach any topic to anyone in any part of the world. There is a constant requirement for online teachers, especially from US and China. 

A lot of students in the U.S. need online help for random homework, assignments, etc. 

69. Pool in e-tutors and offer tutoring services: 

Considering the demand for the number of e-tutors these days, it would be a great idea to hire a few expert tutors for all the subjects and offer professional e-tutor services. By having your own company, the odds are greater that you’ll make more money versus working for somebody.

70. Take up online research work:

With new businesses popping up every day, there is a constant requirement for internet research and data collection. 

This shows up in many ways. For example, before someone starts a new business, they generally like to collect some basic data about the business: its demand and supply, its profitability, areas or countries where it can run well, etc. 

71. Sell online learning videos: 

In this internet era, it seems as if everyone is interested in learning from home during their spare time. 

If you are an expert in a particular area, then you can convert it into money by creating a step-by-step instructional video. 

72. Offer Software review services: 

Many programmers are ready to pay for outside reviewers as they need honest feedback about the programs they write. 

If you are an expert in software development, then you can offer honest reviews for programmers regarding their programs or software for a fee. 

73. Telecommuting jobs:

If you are interested in working from home, then browse through the search engines and find “Telecommuting jobs” (Example: http://www.tjobs.com/). 

Identify the jobs which suit your talent and start applying for them. If you get hired, start working from home and enjoy the money. 

74. Send out greeting cards on others' behalf for a fee: 

Many people like to surprise their close friends and relatives by sending out an unexpected greeting card. 

However, since people are more pressed for time than ever now, the number of physical cards sent has reduced, while the number of digital cards has increased. 

You can offer to send physical cards for people on their behalf so that they can still provide the fun gift of giving a physical, tangible card without having to worry about going to the card store and the post office. 

Just ask people for what type of card they would like, and then the type of message. You can handwrite the message for a nice homemade feel. 

75. Refer your friends for Paid Surveys: 

You already know that you can earn money by filling out paid surveys. 

You can also earn money by referring people to those surveys. 

The rest of the entries are miscellaneous ways that you can earn money online: 

76. Start flipping domains: 

Flipping domains is similar to what people do in the real estate business. 

First, you would buy a cheap domain for $9 or $10. 

If you get a good domain, you can flip it at a site like DNForum or Flippa. 

Some people will be ready to pay a big price if the domain name is apt and keyword-rich for their niche (For example Business.com fetched $7.5 million in 1999). 

Though there aren’t as many domains available as there used to be, great ones still exist. A lot of times people may not have thought of certain domain names themselves, but when they see them elsewhere they realize how valuable they are. 

77. Start flipping websites: 

Flipping websites is similar to flipping domains. The difference is that instead of immediately turning around and selling a website, you can hold on to it, make some changes, and then sell it as an improved model. 

You can also hold on to it, make some money from it, and then show potential buyers how much it can make. 

78. Get paid to read emails:

There are many sites that pay you for reading emails. 

These are nothing but advertisement emails from specific companies. 

You will be required to open those emails and click on the advertisement link provided by the company to get paid. The company that pays you get paid by advertisers to show you their emails. The advertisers hope that when you click over, you’ll want to end up buying whatever they’re selling.

79. Find products for buyers on eBay:

Sometimes people desperately want something on eBay but the search filters aren’t working, they’re not sure how to search for it, or they don’t have time to search themselves (or, all of the above). 

You can help these people by going through eBay on their behalf and getting paid a finder’s fee when you find the products they’re looking for.

80. Expert in something? Share your knowledge through your blog/website: 

Are you truly an expert in any area? Then share your knowledge through your blog or website. 

In order to get regular followers for your site, you can take a subject on which you are an expert and detail one topic a day on the subject. 

Once you build traffic for your site, you can earn a lot through advertising revenue.

81. Start writing newsletters and circulate them to build a database: 

If you’re good at writing, an option for you would be to create newsletters and circulate them on a somewhat routine basis. 

You can circulate them for free at first, but if your newsletters are really interesting and informative, you can build up your subscriber base. 

After that’s done, you can either charge to a “paid” model where people have to sign up to read your content, or you can just charge advertisers to promote themselves in your newsletter. 

82. Submitting Articles to Article Directories: 

Submitting articles to article directories is one of the best ways for webmasters to build traffic for their sites. 

There are hundreds of article directories on the internet, but many website owners only want their articles submitted to the top 25, 50, or 100. 

As you can imagine, it can take a long time to submit an article to so many directories - especially if someone writes a lot of articles.

83. Link Builder: 

As we explained earlier, backlinks are basically links on other people’s websites pointing to another site. When someone links to another person’s website, it shows Google that their website is worth linking to, and so Google gives it a preference for their search engine placements. 

The higher the search engine placement, the more publicity a business gets, so a lot of people try hard to get more links to their websites. 

There is a way to ethically “manipulate” other websites to give you links, and if you know how to do that, then you can provide those services for a fee.

84. Find Expired Domains 

When someone buys a domain, they only buy it for a certain time - usually 1, 2, 3, or 5 years. 

If they forget to renew their domain, or just choose not to, the domains go into a database and you can choose to buy them. 

This is a cool way to capitalize on sites that already have traffic. 

Also, older domains generally get higher preference in Google, so you can start out with a site that has a good search engine ranking. 

You can either build on these sites or flip them to other people for more money. 

85. Transcription Jobs: 

There are a lot of circumstances when things need to be transcribed. Some of these instances are when official meetings take place, or someone wants to have a written version of a webinar or video. 

Because transcription can be quite timely, companies often hire transcriptionists to type out whatever was said. 

86. Become a Mystery Shopper: 

Do you like to shop? Did you know that you can do it with other people’s money? 

Companies hire mystery shoppers to collect information on various things like employee integrity, cleanliness of the store, service provided, the way the employees treat their customers, etc. 

The companies are in need of such information to identify the problems and improve their services accordingly if required. 

If you want to learn more, feel free to visit here or here.

87. Provide online homework help

If you are an expert in any subject, start providing online homework help during your spare time and make money out of it. 

There is a constant demand for online tutors who can provide homework help to students. 

88. Play online games and make money

There are sites that will pay you real cash for the points you acquire in different games. 

To involve in serious gaming for cash, make sure that you have the proper graphics card, an upgraded CPU, a joystick, and whatever else may be required for the specific game you want to play.

89. Build one website and sell it to lots of people in the niche: 

If you are good at website design, you can design one main template and sell it to people in the same industry. 

For example, you can create a template for hairdressers, contact all the hairdressers you know, and then give them the website you created. 

All you need to do to change up the template is to change the logo, company name, icons, etc. 

90. Pay-per-click Arbitrage: 

PPC arbitrage is when you buy ads on Google AdWords, and then when users click on the ads, they simply see a bunch of advertisements to go to other sites. 

They click on those advertisements, and you earn income. 

The difference between the amount you pay to buy the advertisement and the amount you receive per click is the profit you make. 

91. Ecurrency Trading: 

Currency trading is similar to stock trading, and just like with stock trading, it’s one of the riskier ways to earn money - unless you are well aware of what you are doing. 

However, once you get familiar with it and understand when to buy or sell currencies, then you can make a lot of profit out of it. 

92. Expert in something? Get paid by becoming a guide in about .com: 

If you are an expert in any subject matter, then, you can become one of the guides on about.com. 

To become a guide in about.com, you need to browse through their available topics and apply for the topics that you are an expert in. 

You will have to go through their filtering process before getting hired and then if they choose you as one of the guides, you need to undergo their online training. 

93. Is your website successful? Make it a subscription website: 

If you have managed to build enough traffic for your site, consider making it a subscription website. 

A subscription site is one in which people have to pay in order to view the content on it. 

This will only work if you have a strong follower base since there are millions of sites that have free content, but it is definitely something to consider.

94. Review websites for a fee: 

If you have a popular website with lots of traffic, you can start reviewing sites in your niche for a fee. 

A lot of people would love to leverage your traffic and would be more than happy to pay you to give them more exposure. 

95. Consultant services: 

As an extension to website review services, once you gain enough experience and expertise in reviewing websites and blogs, you can start an “upgrade” service by providing professional reports to websites. You can review their sites and let them know what needs to be fixed, what has worked the best for other websites, and what you think can be improved upon. 

96. Write Landing page for websites: 

A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when they click on a company’s website. 

These pages are very important to webmasters since most people decide if they’re going to stay on a website within 5 seconds of getting there. 

A good landing page needs to look compelling, but also have all the elements that Google wants (keyword rich and so forth) so that it’s picked up by the search engines and stays high on the search results.

97. Sell your idle CPU cycles: 

When you have downtime and aren’t going to be using your computer, you can sell your CPU cycle. 

To do this, you need to get registered and get client software installed in your computer. The client will in turn pay you back. To know more about this, feel free to go here or here. 

98. Sell ring tones by composing MIDI: 

A MIDI is a ‘Musical Instrument Digital Interface that allows interaction between electronic musical instruments and computerized devices, which allows you to record and playback music. 

If you can compose good music through MIDI, then you can sell your music as ringtones. 

99. Sell CD mixes: 

There are thousands of sites online that offer free audio or video downloads that you can legally download and use. 

You can take the best songs from there and create different CD mixes to sell. 

People may either buy them for personal use or as gifts. Not only can the CD mixes be heartfelt, but they’re also a great way to support independent artists. 

100. Become an SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping websites get onto the top of Google. (So for example, when someone types in “San Diego baker”, every San Diego baker would want to show up on the top 10 of Google’s results. An SEO consultant would help make that happen.) 

As an SEO consultant, you would look at different elements of a client’s website and work with them to get their site SEO-friendly. 


I hope you enjoyed this report. :- We tried to find different ways of making money for all types of people, and I sincerely hope that some of these resonated with you. 

Remember that you can mix and match these methods if you want. Some of them don’t make as much money, but because they’re fun, they’re a nice thing to add to your repertoire. 

Please review the Resources page on the next page to learn about some of the best ways you can support your goals, and thank you again for reading!

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