Top 6 Drawbacks of Free WordPress Hosting

Top 6 Drawbacks of Free WordPress Hosting

WordPress websites are often the first choice of beginners because of their easy use. Another important point that backs this decision is that the WordPress website owners think they can easily avail free hosting solutions, which they succeed too. Most of them have the idea in mind that they can save the cost of hosting and invest it in their business to enjoy long-term benefits.

To their dismay, all of this proves an illusion and betrayal, and they are bombarded with hosting issues one after the other. Only then do they come to realize that the idiom all that glitter is no gold is not baseless but the epitome of wisdom that they should have considered before. You can never be sure that you will not fall for any such tricks, so you must learn about the pitfall of free hosting for WordPress websites and use that as a reminder.

If you are always eager to enjoy the freebies, give a detailed read to this article to explore the pitfalls of free WordPress hosting you need to beware of and decide cautiously.

Top 6 Drawbacks of Free WordPress Hosting to Watch Out

Nothing comes free in life, or everything has a price are the centuries-old phrases that people tend to forget as soon as they get some free offer. WordPress website owners fall into such traps more easily when it comes to hosting solutions and services and think there is nothing at stake. If you are also one of such people, you need to know and acknowledge that there is too much at stake here.

Here are some of the most critical drawbacks of free WordPress hosting that you need to watch out for and not fall into the trap.

1: Poor Performance

High quality and efficient performance are the basic and most crucial requirements of WordPress website owners when looking for hosting solutions, which is also the very point ignored by free solutions. You will have to suffice with poor performance, slow website speed, and other similar issues in return for freebies. This is why more and more website owners consult WordPress hosting providers and opt for paid services instead of free ones.

2: Irrelevant Ads on Website

Free hosting of the WordPress website is a prime example of giving and taking, as you will be giving permission for ads instead of cash payment. The free hosting is not free at all, and the service providers can share ads on your website in order to earn their keep. These ads can be irrelevant, violent, and vulgar too, which can negatively impact your website, so watch out for this pitfall.

3: Missing Customer Support

Customer support is often missing altogether in the case of free hosting solutions for WordPress websites, let alone round-the-clock support. If you do not have much technical know-how, you cannot survive web hosting without technical support, which you will not get with free service. The best option is opting for paid hosting service and getting uncompromised support which will never be a deal of loss.

4: Poor Backup

Creating a backup of WordPress websites is more than critical in any situation. Most of the paid hosting services do that manually and automatically too. However, with a free hosting service for your WordPress website, you will not be able to create a backup, as they do not offer the service. On top of that, you might oft for a backup plugin, which may not work too. So, your website data will always be at stake. It is too big of a risk, and you should never go for it.

5: Tricky Migration

If you pick a free hosting service for your WordPress website, with the plan and intention of saving cost for a few months and transferring to paid hosts, you won’t be able to do that. Free hosting services often have a tricky migration process meant to keep the website stuck with them and earn through them in return for offering free hosting. Beware of opting for such services even for a short time.

6: Vulnerable Security

It might not occur to you when presented with free hosting for your WordPress website, but you will be signing up for vulnerable security. The free hosts may not have any solution for hacking attempts and, in the worst-case scenario, might sell off your website data to unethical users. Instead of falling for such cheap tricks, contact reliable security service providers to get secure solutions and ensure you do not have to worry about a thing after that.

Have you decided to invest in paid WordPress hosting?

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