IBM Grade Exam » Introduction to Cloud Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Introduction to Cloud Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript IBM Grade Exam

Module 1 - Practice Quiz

Who is more likely to work with databases?

Back-end developer

Front-end developer

Which of the following do version control systems help you to keep track of? (Select all that apply)

Debugging the errors in the code

What changes were made to the code

When the changes were made

Who made the changes

Which of the following is not a development framework?





Which process automatically builds and tests your code?

CD (Continuous Delivery)

CI (Continuous Integration)

JavaScript can be used for both front-end and back-end development.



Module 1 - Graded Quiz

Question 1

A developer has complained that all the changes he made to the code were overwritten by somebody. What tool could have avoided this situation?

A framework like Angular

A version control system like Git

A package manager like npm

A database like Db2

Question 2

What package manager(s) does Python use? (Select all that apply)





Question 3

When a user tries to log in to a website, he/she gets an authentication failure error. Who do you think can fix this error?

Quality Engineer

Back-end Developer

Build Engineer

Front-end Developer

Question 4

If Python is being used in your application development, where are you likely to see it?



Question 5

What would you associate an API with?



Module 2 - Practice Quiz

What are the building blocks of HTML called?





Which tag is used to provide keywords for search engines?

< title >

< footer >

< meta >

< header >

Fill in the blank: In HTML5, ______________ allow you to run processing intensive tasks without blocking the user interface.

Non-blocking feeds

Structural Elements

Web workers

DOM Accessors

Which of the following statements about document.images is correct?

document.images is part of the HTML document API

document.images returns a collection of image elements in a document

document.images is a DOM property

All of the above

Which of the following most closely describes .doc in CSS?

.doc is the main body of the document

.doc is a class

.doc is an element subclass

.doc is the id of an element

Module 2 - Graded Quiz

Which of the following statements embeds an image in an HTML document?

< image > link_to_image < /image >

< figure src=”image URL” alt=”alternate text” > image name< /figure >

< img src=”image URL” alt=”alternate text” >

< img href=”image URL” alt =”alternate text” > image name < /img >

When defining a hyperlink (< a >), which attribute is used to specify the destination address?





How are comments written in HTML?

“””This is a comment”””

/*This is a comment*/

< !-- This is a comment -- >

#This is a comment

Which tag preserves the spaces and line breaks of a given text when displayed?

< section >

< p >

< label >

< pre >

Which style is given priority, when multiple styles are specified for a single element?

Browser default

Internal style sheet

Inline style

External style sheet

Module 3 - Practice Quiz

Which tag can be used to show or hide information or controls in a document?

< mark >

< details >

< datalist >

< section >

Which of the following tags is used to separate areas in a document?

< body >

< div >

< nav >

< input >

Which tag is used to represent an independent item of content in a document?

< details >

< div >

< article >

< section >

Which tag is used to specify self-contained content like an image, illustration or diagram?

< image >

< figure >

< figcaption >

< img >

Which type of input control can be used to accept only numbers in a form?





What type of element is < article >?

A multimedia element

A graphic element

An input element

A semantic element

Which of the following tags define a caption for a < fieldset > element?

< title >

< label >

< legend >

< caption >

Which user interface feature makes it easy to copy, reorder, and delete items?

Web Workers

Server-Sent Events

Drag and Drop


How do you define the document type in HTML5?

< !DOCTYPE html >

< !DOCTYPE “text/html5” >

< !DOCTYPE html5 >

< !DOCTYPE html! >

Which element defines a caption for the < figure > element?

< title >

< label >

< figcaption >

< legend >

Module 4 - Practice Quiz

JavaScript is a subset of Java.



Which of the following statements is the correct way to define a function in JavaScript?

function = new function(myfunction)

function myFunction() { }

function = myFunction() { }

function myFunction { }

Which of the following statements is the correct way to include a script in an HTML?

< include script = “/source/script.js” > < /script >

< script src = “/source/script.js” > < /script >

< script ref= “/source/script.js” > < /script >

< script name = “/source/script.js” > < /script >

Which object in the browser DOM model contains the information about the URL of a page?





Which property is used to set the content within an HTML element?




Module 4 - Graded Quiz

In the following declaration, what is the type of the variable ‘pi’?

var pi = “3.14”;





How do you define an array called array1 in JavaScript?

var array1 = new Array((1,2,3))

var array1 = [1,2,3]

var array1 = new Array[1,2,3]

var array1 = (1,2,3)

What does the following statement do?

var ndate = new Date() ;

Returns an error

Assigns the current Greenwich Mean Time to ndate

Assigns the current local time to ndate

Assigns an empty string with the properties of dates to ndate.

True or False: 10car is a valid variable name in JavaScript.



How are numbers converted to strings?





Module 5 - Practice Quiz

Which of the following is a feature of the Git Repository model?

It is based on a binary tree

It tracks source code

It corrects bad code

It sorts code into folders

In GitHub, what is an organization?

A path to the code files in a project

An organization is a collection of user accounts that own repositories

A name you must specify for your repository

The top-level of a repository tree

What is stored on the master branch?

The original, unchanged version of the code

All the project files

Files which contain documentation only

The deployable version of the project code

When would you fork a project?

To give a new user permission to the project

To create a copy of a GitHub repository to use as the base for a new project

To add a branch to an existing tree

To create a backup of the master branch

Which GitHub developer command prepares an email submission?





Module 5 - Graded Quiz

How is GitHub related to Git?

GitHub provides distributed version control for Git

GitHub is an online hosting service for Git repositories

GitHub is the open-source tool used to create Git

Which of the following tasks must you complete before you can start work in GitHub?

Create an Organization

Read the GitHub Guide

Verify your email address

What are commits?

Pull requests

Saved changes


To sync local changes back to the GitHub repository you run three commands, what is the final command?

git commit -m

git push

git add < files >

Which command can a repository administrator use to allow anonymous downloads from repos?




Practice Final Exam (Non-Graded)

What is a Front-end developer more likely to work with?





What can a JavaScript library like jQuery do for you?

Debug HTML errors

Save data into database

Help in version control

Save development time

True or False: Inversion of control helps you to create standardized apps.



Which of the following is NOT performed by a build tool?

Setting compile flags

Managing dependencies

Configuring application security

Transforming source code into the binaries

Who is most likely to use SQL?

Back-end Developer

Front-end Developer

Which of the following statements is an objective of HTML5?

Provide markup and API for web applications

Compete with technologies like JavaScript etc.

Provide eye-catching and more user-friendly designs for web pages

To completely upgrade earlier HTML implementations

Which of the following is an element of HTML5?





Scripting is disabled when Sandboxing is disabled.



HTML can be rendered by browsers or read by screen readers to meet accessibility requirements.



Fill in the blank: In a CSS _________ layout, you specify the height and width of elements in percentages and ems.



Which tag is used to highlight a section of the text in a webpage?

< em >

< mark >

< strong >

< hl >

Which of the following elements is a structural element in HTML5?

< br >

< mark >

< section >

< input >

Which tag can be used to represent a generic section, like chapters of a book?

< header >

< section >

< aside >

< article >

Which tag helps to define a block of navigational links for a document?

< title >

< nav >

< link >

< meta >

Which of the following statements can be used to accept phone numbers?

< input type=”tel” pattern=”[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}” >

< input type=”phone” pattern=”[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}” >

< input type=”number” pattern=”[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}” >

Fill in the blank: Variables that are NOT initialized have a value of _______.





True or False: The prototype of a built-in object of JavaScript cannot be changed.



Which event occurs when the pointing device is moved onto an element?





Which attribute is used by scripts to identify an element in a document?




In client-side JavaScript, which object serves as the global object?




What is Git?

A design style for websites and cloud apps

A collection of code frameworks

A distributed version control system

When should you create a new branch?

To fix broken code

To make planned changes to code

To start a new project

Which of the following is one of the required steps when cloning a repository?

In the repository, you want to clone, on the code tab, click Compress files for download and sync

Manually copy the files from the repository you want to clone to your local computer

In the repository, you want to clone, on the Code tab, click the clipboard button to copy the URL

What is one of the tasks an integrator in a group project performs?

Creates clones on behalf of developers

Reviews and responds to pull requests

Commits all changes to the master branch

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