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Online Free Tools Check your Webcam Video Quality

Use this webcam test to check if your computer or phone camera is working and properly configured. Webcam mic test camera test webcam windows 10 webcam test zoom web camera how to check webcam resolution webcam for pc webcam for laptop To start the webcam test, you do not need any programs, just click on the button below. If your camera is operational, you will see yourself on the screen. Be prepared for business and personal communication.

The screen capture will appear in this box.




  • Video on the screen
    If your web camera is working properly you will see yourself on your screen. Then you will be able to check the quality of the image.
  • Adjusting grid
    Check the camera's position and point it in the right direction or center it. It will also allow you to determine where the quarters and halves of the screen are.
  • Image effects
    For example, to see how you would look if the lighting in the room was higher or lower, you can change the brightness level or adjust the contrast.



Webcam Information

Webcam Name:USB2.0 VGA UVC WebCam
Quality Rating:135
Built-in Microphone:None
Built-in Speaker:None
Frame rate:8 FPS
Stream Type:video
Image Mode:RGB
Webcam MegaPixels:0.31 MP
Webcam Resolution:640×480
Video Standard:VGA
Aspect Ratio:1.33
PNG File Size:404.07 kB
JPEG File Size:258.75 kB
Bitrate:1.96 MB/s
Number of Colors:70490
Average RGB Color:
To share or save technical information, get a unique URL by submitting a new review about your webcam.

 How can I check the quality of my webcam video?

Type into your browser's address bar. Click the Check My Webcam button on the website's landing page. When the pop-up permission box appears, click Allow. Your webcam's feed should then appear in the black box on the right-hand side of the page, indicating that the camera is working.

How do I check the resolution of my camera?

Checking megapixel count on an Android phone, Just open the camera app, click the settings icon (the small cog) and you should find the megapixel information listed under the heading "Photo size".

What is a webcam test?

An online webcam test is a good tool for testing the camera and finding out technical information about it. Of course, it allows you to find out whether the camera works correctly, but it makes a lot of tests, and because of this it is a bit slow.

How do I test my webcam in Chrome?

To use your camera or microphone in Chrome:

  1. In the dialogue, select Open preferences.
  2. To enable camera or mic permissions: Camera: Click Camera Select the checkbox next to "Google Chrome." ...
  3. Your computer may ask if you want to quit to save changes. To save changes, click Quit now.

Which webcam is better 720p or 1080p?

1080p cameras are best for recording larger images for longer time periods, and real-time video streaming will be easier with 720p quality due to lower bandwidth requirements.

Should I get a 720p or 1080p webcam?

The lower the resolution, the grainier the image looks on the screen. Most modern webcams support only high-definition video capture. Look for a video capture resolution of at least 720p or higher. A 1080p webcam is better, and these are becoming more common and more affordable.

What app can I use to test my webcam?

Webcamtest is a simple and easy-to-use web app that helps to test your webcam.

Is an online webcam test safe?

The online webcam test tool is 100% safe and secure. “Ctrl + D” to bookmark the webcam test tool, or share it with others.

Is 2K webcam better than 1080p?

The 1080p resolution, known as Full HD, is 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically; on the other hand, the 2K resolution, known as Quad HD, is 2560 pixels horizontally and 1440 pixels vertically. Devices with higher pixels generally provide clearer video recordings and higher-quality images.

Is it better to stream 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps?

Setting a lower resolution or lower fps at the same bitrate would result in a better quality stream overall. At 6000 kbps, a 1080p 30fps stream or a 720p 60fps stream would be better than forcing a 1080p 60fps stream.

Which resolution is best for the webcam?

1080p is a fairly standard resolution for a decent webcam, but if you really want to up your picture quality (or be able to crop your frame and keep it sharp), you want a 4K webcam.

Why does 720p look better than 1080p?

If both of the videos are using the same amount of bandwidth the 720 videos could look much better than the 1080 one simply because it doesn't have to be compressed as much. There are fewer pixels but the amount of data is the same.

How can I test my webcam on my desktop?

To open up your webcam or camera, select the Start button, then select All apps, and then select Camera in the list of apps. If you have multiple cameras, you can switch between them by selecting Change Camera at the top right once the Camera app is opened.

What is 1920x1080 called?

Full HD

1080p, also known as Full HD or FHD (full high definition), is a ubiquitous display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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