Quiz Exam Introduction to Cloud Development MCQ Question Answers

Introduction to Cloud Development MCQ Question Answers

A developer has complained that all the changes he made to the code were overwritten by somebody. What tool could have avoided this situation?

A framework like Angular

A version control system like Git

A package manager like npm

A database like Db2

Answer: A version control system like Git

What package manager(s) does Python use? (Select all that apply)





Answer: pip, conda

When a user tries to log in to a website, he/she gets an authentication failure error. Who can fix this error?

Quality Engineer

Back-end Developer

Build Engineer

Front-end Developer

Answer: Back-end Developer

If Python is being used in your application development, where are you likely to see it?



Answer: Back-end

What would you associate an API with?



Answer: Back-end

 HTML5 and CSS Overview

Which of the following statements embeds an image in an HTML document?

< image > link_to_image < /image >

< figure src=”image URL” alt=”alternate text” > image name< /figure >

< img src=”image URL” alt=”alternate text” >

< img href=”image URL” alt =”alternate text” > image name < /img >

Answer: < img src=”image URL” alt=”alternate text” >

Question 2

When defining a hyperlink (< a >), which attribute is used to specify the destination address?





Answer: href

How are comments written in HTML?

“”” This is a comment”””

/*This is a comment*/

< !– This is a comment — >

#This is a comment

Answer: < !– This is a comment — >

Which tag preserves a given text's spaces and line breaks when displayed?

< section >

< p >

< label >

< pre >

Answer: < pre >

Which style is given priority, when multiple styles are specified for a single element?

Browser default

Internal style sheet

Inline style

External style sheet

Answer: Inline style

HTML5 Elements

What type of element is < article > ?

A multimedia element

A graphic element

An input element

A semantic element

Answer: A semantic element

Which of the following tags defines a caption for an < fieldset > element?

< title >

< label >

< legend >

< caption >

Answer: < legend >

Which user interface feature makes it easy to copy, reorder, and delete items?

Web Workers

Server-Sent Events

Drag and Drop


Answer: Drag and Drop

How do you define the document type in HTML5?

< !DOCTYPE html >

< !DOCTYPE “text/html5” >

< !DOCTYPE html5 >

< !DOCTYPE html! >

Answer: < !DOCTYPE html >

Which element defines a caption for the < figure > element?

< title >

< label >

< figcaption >

< legend >

Answer: < figcaption >

 JavaScript Programming for Web Applications

In the following declaration, what is the type of the variable ‘pi’?

var pi = “3.14”;





Answer: string

How do you define an array called array1 in JavaScript?

var array1 = new Array((1,2,3))

var array1 = [1,2,3]

var array1 = new Array[1,2,3]

var array1 = (1,2,3)

Answer: var array1 = [1,2,3]

What does the following statement do?

var ndate = new Date() ;

  • Returns an error
  • Assigns the current Greenwich Mean Time to ndate
  • Assigns the current local time to ndate
  • Assigns an empty string with the properties of dates to ndate.

Answer: Assigns the current local time to ndate

True or False: 10car is a valid variable name in JavaScript.



Answer: False

How are numbers converted to strings?





Answer: (123).toString


How is GitHub related to Git?

GitHub provides distributed version control for Git

GitHub is an online hosting service for Git repositories

GitHub is the open-source tool used to create Git

Answer: GitHub is an online hosting service for Git repositories

Which of the following tasks must you complete before you can start work in GitHub?

Create an Organization

Read the GitHub Guide

Verify your email address

Answer: Verify your email address

What are commits?

Pull requests

Saved changes


Answer: Saved changes

To sync local changes back to the GitHub repository you run three commands, what is the final command?

git commit -m

git push

git add < files >

Answer: git push

Which command can a repository administrator use to allow anonymous downloads from repos?




Answer: “git-daemon”

Final Quiz:

What package manager does Node.js use?





Answer: npm

Which of the following is NOT a required skill for a front-end developer?





Answer: Java

In addition to SQL, which tool can help you access databases?





Answer: ORM

A user has complained that the website is readable on desktop but not on mobile. Who can help solve this problem?

Quality Engineer

Back-end Developer

Build Engineer

Front-end Developer

Answer: Front-end Developer

Who handles authentication and authorization?

Back-end Developer

Front-end Developer

Answer: Back-end Developer

Which tag is used to create an ordered list?

< orderedlist >

< li >

< ul >

< ol >

Answer: < ol >

Which tag CANNOT be used as a container for text?

< body >

< br >

< h1 >

< p >

Answer: < br >

What is the < br > tag used for?

To make text bold

To change the border

To add a line break

To change the text color to brown

Answer: To add a line break

Which is the universal selector in CSS?





Answer: *

Which selector helps to select all elements of a document, except paragraphs?





Answer: :not(p)

Which is the default character encoding in HTML5?





Answer: UTF-8

Which of the following is a new form feature added in HTML5?

< reset >

< a >

< submit >

< output >

Answer: < output >

Which semantic tag is used to display any content which is indirectly related to the main content of the document?

< details >

< article >

< aside >

< section >

Answer: < aside >

Which API in HTML5 allows you to identify the location of the user?

Web Workers

Server sent events



Answer: Geolocation

Which type of input control would be most apt for selecting gender in a form?





Answer: radio

What is the value of ‘total’ after the following statement is executed?

var total = 10 + 1 +” 3”;




This results in an error

Answer: 113

What would the alert be, when the following code is executed?

var a = new String(“Hello”);

var b = “Hello”;

if (a === b){


} else{



  • It would not give any alert as it is an error
  • Different
  • Same
  • None of the above

Answer: Different

Which of the following is a valid declaration of an object?

object a = {name:”John”,age:55}

obj a = {name:”John”,age:55}

var a = {name:”John”,age:55}

Answer: var a = {name:”John”,age:55}

Which of the following is not an event binder in JavaScript?



on hover


Answer: on save

Which event is fired when a user clicks on an element in a webpage?


on mouseclick



Answer: onclick

What is a repository?

A newspaper

A data structure that stores documents and source code

A building where data are stored

Answer: A data structure that stores documents and source code

True or False: When you create a repository, you can add a license file to tell people how they can use your code.



Answer: True

What happens if you change a branch you don’t own?

GitHub does not allow you to make changes on branches that you don’t own

GitHub automatically makes a pull request

GitHub generates an error

Answer: GitHub automatically makes a pull request

What are the three most commonly used operations when working with remote repositories?

create, delete, copy

push, pull, fetch

open, close, send

Answer: push, pull, fetch

Which of the following are common GitHub roles in a project?

Developer, Backup Administrator, SEO Administrator

Developer, Integrator, Repository Administrator

Developer, Manager, Intern

Answer: Developer, Integrator, Repository Administrator

Cloud Computing MCQ Questions

Out of these, which one is the most restrictive and refined service model?

a) SaaS

b) IaaS

c) CaaS

d) PaaS

Answer: (d) PaaS

Cutting latency in half would require ______ times the total number of nodes in any system.

a) seven

b) four

c) three

d) two 

Answer: (b) four

When an organization moves expenses onto the _____ side of their budget, it allows them to transfer the overall risk to the provider of their cloud computing services.

a) Pex

b) Dex

c) OpEx

d) All of the above

Answer: (c) OpEx

The largest provider of ______ CRM software is Salesforce.com.

a) SaaS

b) CaaS

c) IaaS

d) PaaS

Answer: (a) SaaS

The Amazon Machine Images are basically virtual appliances that are packaged for running on the ________ nodes grid.

a) Ken

b) Ben

c) Zen

d) Xen

Answer: (d) Xen

Choose the one which is a potent technology for cloud-building.

a) HyperCube

b) vCube

c) vSphere

d) All of the above

Answer: (c) vSphere

 Which one out of the following is available both as the commercial version and open source?

a) ZenOSS

b) SiteUpTime

c) Zabbix

d) All of the above

Answer: (a) ZenOSS

An organization can deploy one of these to speed up both Internet local and (Intranet) searching. Which one?

a) Google Commerce Search

b) Google Site Search

c) Google Mini

d) Google Search Appliance

Answer: (d) Google Search Appliance

“Deep Web” does not provide which of the following?

a) Pages without links

b) Limited or Private Access Web pages

c) Database Generated Web pages

d) All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

What data does CloudFront support via static data transfers and content streaming from any CloudFront location to another?

a) geocaching

b) table caching

c) windows Media Server

d) index caching

Answer: (a) geocaching

11. Choose the correct statement from the following.

a) We can access the data stored in the SQL Azure database using the CDS (Columnar Data Stream) protocol.

b) The queries against numerous databases are unified.

c) Every SQL Azure Database has a current limit of 1TB each.

d) All of the above

Answer: (c) Every SQL Azure Database has a current limit of 1TB each.

12. The _____ initiative tries providing a way in which the cloud computing services can be measured along dimensions such as cost?


b) SMI

c) CCE

d) All of the above

Answer: (b) SMI

13. What do we use for load testing and Web performance management?

a) Web metrics

b) VMware Hyperic

c) TapIn Systems

d) Univa UD

Answer: (a) Web metrics

Out of these combinations, which one is possible in the WebSphere ESB?


b) Governance



Answer: (c) SOAP/JMS

The topology that is useful for services using multicasting or broadcasting services is __________.

a) Star

b) Network

c) Hierarchical

d) Circular

Answer: (a) Star

 ___________ is a second-level attribute related to scalability.

a) Geographic location

b) Expertise

c) Caching

d) Fault management

Answer: (b) Expertise

Which one of these isn’t a second-level cloud attribute related to Storage?

a) Language and locale

b) Replication

c) SQL support

d) Non-relational

Answer: (a) Language and locale

 Which of these presents a developer with its own APIs?

a) VMWare vCloud

b) Rackspace Cloud Servers

c) RimuHosting

d) Amazon Elastic Compute

Answer: (b) Rackspace Cloud Servers

Which interface converts the XAM requests to native commands that the storage hardware OS supports?

a) XAM

b) RIM

c) VIM

d) All of the above

Answer: (c) VIM

Which one is a Managed cloud storage provider?

a) Simple Storage Service from Amazon.com

b) Smart Business Storage Cloud from IBM

c) EMC Atmos

d) All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

The RSS module uses which of these file formats?


b) XML


d) All of the above

Answer: (b) XML

Google Talk uses which of these protocols for Google Chat IM clients?

a) Jabber

b) Jaspersoft

c) QuickTime

d) None of the above

Answer: (a) Jabber

Find which of these services is the push technology’s example?

a) HTTP streaming

b) Automated software updates

c) Comet

d) All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

Choose the one that is the open system, the most popular alternative to systems such as BlackBerry OS or iOS?

a) Solaris

b) Android OS

c) Symbian

d) All of the above

Answer: (b) Android OS

__________ is Adobe’s application suite for various cloud-based applications?

a) Openoffice

b) Gpdf

c) Acrobat.com

d) All of the above

Answer: (c) Acrobat.com

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