A farmer has 19 sheep All but 7 die How many are left?


A farmer has 19 sheep All but 7 die How many are left?

If a farmer has 19 sheep and all but 7 die, then we need to subtract 7 from 19 to find out how many are left.

19 - 7 = 12

Therefore, there are 12 sheep left.

To explain this, we start with the fact that the farmer has 19 sheep. Then, we are told that all but 7 die, which means that we need to subtract 7 from the total number of sheep. We do this subtraction by taking away 7 from 19, which leaves us with 12. Therefore, there are 12 sheep left after all but 7 die.

A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die How many are left?

9 sheep left."all but 9 die"means all seep die except 917Nine sheep.

A farmer had 12 sheep and 3 cows All of the animals except 9 sheep died How many animals did he have left in his farm?

the farmer had 15 animals in the farm, and if all but 9 sheep died then 9 sheep would be left, equaling 9 animals in total.

A farmer has 10 sheep all but 3 died how many are left?

All the ones he has.

A farmer had 13 sheep all but 9 died how many did he have left?

it says 'alll but 9 sheep died' which means all the sheep except for 9 died, so there are 9 left.

If a farmer had 17 sheep and all but 9 died how many did he have left?


How much is a farmer left with if he has twenty sheep and all but fifteen die?

15 left.

A farmer has 19 sheep all but 9 die how many does he have left?


A farmer had 17 sheep all but 9 died how many live sheep were left?


A farmer has 17 sheep All but 9 breaks through a hole in the fence and wanders away How many are left?


Farmer Todd had 27 sheep all but nine died how many are left?

nine because all but nine died

A farmer had 17 sheep all but 9 died so how many live sheep were left?

Many people would say 17 or all, but the answer is actually 12, because 17-9=12.

A farmer has 20 sheep all but 15 died how many sheep?

15 sheep remain alive as 5 died

A farmer had nine sheep and all but seven died How many did he have left?


A farmer had 25 sheep 12 died how many are left?

None , because it was quoted in the question ' A farmer " had" 25 sheep '

A farmer has 17 sheep but all but 8 of them die how many sheep are still standing?

Nice joke. The answer is 8.

A farmer had 30 sheep All but 2 died How many live sheep were left?

2 sheep 28dead sheep

If farmer has eighteen sheep all but eight of them die how many are still standing?


A farmer has 18 sheep all but 8 of them die how many are still standing?


If a farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die how many sheep are left?

9.If a farmer had 17 sheep in total, and all but nine died, then the answer to this riddle would be nine, since it states that all but nine have perished. It does not state that "nine died" because it has the keyword "but" in it - that will often throw the riddled person off if he or she is not listening to the riddler, thinking that nine died, not eight, which is what occurred.

The shepherd had 17 sheep but all but 12 die how many sheep are left?

12 sheep because all but 12 sheep die!!!!

A farmer has 20 sheep all but 15 die how many are left?

5 sheep died so that leaves 15 sheep alive.

A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die How many do you have?

9 live and the rest die look at the question carefully and you'll find the answer.

A farmer has 20 sheep and all but 15 die How many sheep are left?

It's a really interesting question, because it tricks the brain. When my teacher gave me this question, I was puzzled. The answer is 15 because you are asking how many sheep are left. The answer is in the question saying that all but 15 die. Meaning that 5 die because there were 20 to start off with. So the answer is 15. Nice Question!

A farmer had 17 head of cattle All but 9 of them died How many live sheep were left?

None, all but 9 CATTLE died.

How many cows does the farmer have left if he starts with seventeen cows and all but eight die?

The farmer has eight cows, since all but that many died.

A farmer builds a fence that is 42 by 38 there are 80 sheep in the fence and all but nineteen escape The sheep break the fence so that at least three of them can fit through at once How many sheep?


A farmer has 100000 cows and all but 9000 died How many are left?


A farmer has 17 cows all but 8 die How many cows does the farmer have left?

If you read the question carefully, it clearly states ALL BUT 8 die. So, if 9 cows died, the farmer has 8 cows left.

A farmer has 18 sheep all but 8 die how many are still standing?

The answer is provided within the riddle.The farmer has 18 sheep, all but 8 die. That means 10 sheep die, and 8 are left.This question is not about arithmetic, but reading comprehension. You don't want to calculate 18-8=10; that's what makes the riddle tricky. You need to know that "all but 8" means "all the sheep except 8."

A farmer has a wolf a sheep and a bale of hay The farmer needs to get all three across the river What order does he take them in?

Take the sheep across take the wolf across take the sheep back to the other side take the hay across go back and get the sheep

A farmer has 100 000 cows and all but 9000 die how many are left?


What are all occupations listed in Genesis 4?

Abel was a sheep keeper, and his brother Cain was a farmer.

A farmer has 22 sheep All but 7 die What is his dog's name?

May be "Wolf"... lol!

What is the riddle?

a riddle is a sort of joke kind of long and a bit trickier....4 example, if a farmer had 20 sheep and lightning struck all but 7 of them how much is left,,,, many of you will say 13 but remember it killed ALL *But* 7 SO 7 IS LEFT Rosalee was here :} fyi: I fixed the grammar :}

If a farmer has seventeen sheep all but 9 die how many are left?

He is left with nine alive sheep

Why is the sheep an icon in New Zealand?

because in 1964 all the sheep were being killed by the troops in America and there were hardly any left for the fests. in 1994 there were no sheep they were extinct and suddenly in new Zea-land there was sheep in a farm and they were very old so the farmer made a cure for it and then finally the life of sheep began in 1994 in new zealand that's why its a new zealand icon

Riddle Name?

Question:You are asked the following tricky question, "A farmer had 19 sheep. All but 9 died. How many sheep did the farmer have left?" To answer this question, you musta. utilize a mental set.b. define the problem narrowly.c. actively challenge your assumptions.d. look for analogies within the problem. Heuristics:Our brains may use heuristics when we thinking through a problem that is presented through calculating and looking for a solution. Someone may mentally arriving at an answer by looking backwards from the end goal to determine what steps to take.Answer and Explanation:The correct answer is c. actively challenge your assumptions. The brain may automatically try to subtract 9 sheep from the whole herd by looking at this question, i.e. 19 - 9 = 10). Instead of relying on an inefficient mental set, the person must challenge their thinking and calculating to understand that the answer is listed in the question of how many sheep the farmer possesses, i.e. all but 9 died. The farmer had 9 sheep since they did not die like the others.

If there are 500 sheep 2 dogs and 5 foxes how will the sheep be left?

0 sheep because the dogs and fox will eat them all up.. (fatty!)

Are sheep smart?

Sheep are not known to be smart, this however is controversial. Sheep are pack animals, meaning they are more comfortable in a group of other sheep. Once one sheep goes somewhere they all will follow, which is not very ideal for the farmer when trying to separate them for various reasons. All animals are smart, you just have to know how to work with them and think like them.

If there are fifteen crows on a fence and the farmer shoots three of them how many are left on the fence?

None of the crows will be left.They all will have flown away.

How many sheep in a herd?

All of them

A rancher had 17 sheep all but 9 died how many were left living?

8,because 17 minus nine equals 8.

A farmer went to the stockyard to buy 100 heads of stock with 100 dollars Pigs cost 3 dollars sheep cost 50 cents each and horses cost 10 each How many of each can he buy if he uses all his money?

None because he was mugged the second he left his house.

If a farmer has 13 cows and all but 9 die how many cows does he have left?

Nine, because if all but nine die, then that means there are still nine left alive. The wording of this type of riddle often fools the mind.

What is the slaughter weight for a sheep?

It really depends on the breed, the genetics within that breed that the individual sheep has, the condition/health of the sheep and how much it has been fed, and the target weight the farmer has chosen - a farmer is required to have a STEADY, CONSTANT product, meaning that he doesn't want to sell sheep that all have different weights.Usually, ~56kg for a prime lamb enterprise. As carcass weight is only ~40% of the live animal weight, this would result in a carcass of 24kg.

Where can you buy a ram in Idaho?

If you want a ram for breeding, go to a sheep farmer before the lambing season and order one. There are quite a few sheep farms in Idaho. The farmer needs to know you want a ram (an intact male sheep) before they're born because it's pretty routine to castrate most or all the ram lambs born in a lamb crop.

How many cows does a farmer have?

As many as he can feed...Most farmers have as many cattle as possible, it all depends on how much grazing he has available for their cattle.

What do sheep do on a farm?

sheep tend to just eat grass on a farm. its usually the farmer who does all the work for them so they just need to follow the instructions.

Where do wild sheep live?

There are wild sheep all over the world. Many times wild sheep can be found in a mountainous area. The mountain sheep are called Bighorn Sheep.

How do you solve the riddle of wolf sheep and cabbage?

The riddle, for those reading this who haven't heard of it beforehand, goes something like this:A farmer has to get his sheep, a cabbage (or wheat, or whatever), and a wolf (or fox, or whatever) across a river. He has a boat that will take him and one animal at a time. However, if he leaves the sheep along with the cabbage, the sheep will eat it. Likewise, he must not leave the sheep with the wolf, or the wolf will eat it. Everything is fine, as long as he is with all three- but he must take into account both sides of the river and not leave any two of the three mentioned behind together.The animals, cabbage, farmer, and boat are all on one side to start with.Now, if you want to solve this on your own, stop reading!I will give the answer below. And yes, you can figure it out for yourself without too much trouble. The cabbage, naturally, can't eat anything. And the wolf won't eat the cabbage. So, if the farmer takes the sheep across to the other side, no eating will occur. Next, he should go back in the boat (with only himself on the boat, leaving the sheep alone on the other side- which, in this puzzle, carries no risk). He should then take the wolf to the other side and then take back the sheep. The wolf is now alone on one side, and the farmer, boat, sheep, and cabbage on the other. But the sheep, we've established, won't eat the cabbage while the farmer is watching over it. Next, the farmer brings the cabbage to the other side- now the wolf is with the cabbage and the sheep is again alone, but on the side, it started out on. From there, the farmer can just go back, take the sheep, and bring it to the other side along with an uneaten cabbage and a hungry (now disappointed) wolf.

How many sheep survived the night out of the 330 sheep that were shorn?

All 330 sheep that were shorn should have survived the night. Shearing the sheep will not kill them by any means. 

Dorian and Dingo have a petting zoo with 12 animals and all of them are either sheep or goats They have twice as many sheep as goats How many goats do they have?

8 sheep 4 goats

How much will a farmer spend to start a farm?

That all depends on the size of the farm, what that farmer is wanting to raise, and whether the farm that they have bought has the facilities needed to start up or needs improvements. It also depends on what equipment, machinery, and buildings need to be bought and built, respectively, among many other things. Start-up costs for every individual farmer are different from another. For instance, the start-up costs for a dairy farmer are much higher than for a sheep or beef-cattle farmer, and even a farmer that is only going to be growing crops.

How many cars are in Wales?

none as there all ride sheep

How many sheep did Little Miss Bo Peep lose?

Little Bo Peep lost ALL of her sheep.

What are some sacrifices that Santiago makes in the alchemist?

He left his sheep when he set out on his personal legend, he left all his wealth when he left the crystal merchant, and he leaves Fatima in the oasis

What is the symbol of weeds?

A griffin holding a sword in his left Tallon and a wreath in his right all in front of a farm with sheep

What are all the different types of female sheep?

There are many different breeds of sheep, and the best way to show you is to give you this link which lists the sheep breeds in alphabetical order. http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/sheep/

What is the breed of lamb and sheep?

There are many (around 200) different breeds of sheep, but they are all varieties of the same species, Ovis aries.

How many sheep are in Scotland?

A large number changes a lot. Don't be misled and think that all of Scotland has sheep however - it doesn't.

What is the most common breed of sheep in New Zealand?

The most common breed of sheep in New Zealand would probably be the Romney there are many other breeds but the Romney definitely outnumbers all other species I am not positive on the exact number but there are approximately 25-27 million Romneys in New Zealand the Romney is a meat sheep and a wool sheep producing lambs and wool for the farmer but the Romney has turned more into to a meat breed of sheep because the price of wool has gone done considerably in the past twenty years. hope this has answered your question.

A farmer has 100 and can buy 100 animals so how many of each animal can he buy if chickens are 50 cents pigs 2 and Sheep 5?

if he has 100 dollars, and can only buy 100 animals, then he can buy 76 chickens for $38, 21 Pigs for $42, and 4 sheep for $20. :) well, that's 101, but I'm close. and I did it all by myself. :D

A farmer has 40 hens all but 4 died how many hens are dead?


A farmer had 12 cows All but 9 die How many cows did he have now?

he has 9

In all farmer, brown has 12 chickens and pigs all the animals have 28 legs how many chickens and pigs does farmer brown have?

chickens chickens

What do you call it when the sheep all get stuck at a gate?

When sheep all get stuck at a gate, it is commonly referred to as "sheep jam" or "sheep blockage". This happens when a group of sheep tries to pass through a narrow opening or gate, and some of them get stuck or blocked, causing a delay or obstruction. It is a common occurrence in farming and herding, and farmers and shepherds have developed various techniques to prevent or resolve sheep jams, such as using dog herders or opening multiple gates to allow the sheep to pass through more easily.

Are all sheep the same?

No there are different breeds and colors of sheep.

What do sheep eat for food?

Many grasses and shrubs, weeds all sorts of things.

In a sentence can I use sheep are as well as sheep is?

I'd prefer to see "are sheep" - as in "there are sheep all over the mountainside". I'd reserve "sheep is" for an individual animal - as in "this sheep is lame",

What do wild sheep eat?

Plants that grow in the wild. There are too many to list them all.

A farmer had 20 hens but 2 died How many hens are still alive?


Why are sheep covered with cotton?

Sheep are not covered with cotton. Sheep are covered with wool, as in all over the body.

Where do you find sheep?

You can find sheep all over Australia on farms.

Are all rams sheep?

Yes rams are entirely male sheep

Is desert big horn sheep a mammal?

all sheep are mammals!

Has the shepherd fed all her sheep?

Yes, the shepherd has fed his sheep.

Are bighorn sheep herbivores?

Yes, all sheep are herbivores. They graze.

When did the Navajo start to farm sheep?

Sometime after 1540 when Coronado brought many sheep to what is now New Mexico. Or after 1598 when Juan de Onate brought 3,600. They probably got those through treading, raids, and wandering or abandoned sheep. They got a lot more in the aftermath of the Pueblo Revolt in 1680 when the Spanish were forced out and left behind all their livestock.

What does a sheep do all day?

Eat!! Sheep love to eat!! :D

Are all sheep gay?


Where does the apostrophe go with a noun such as a sheep eg The vet is attending to all the sheep's feet?

The answer depends on whether you are talking about one sheep or several sheep. If there is only one sheep and the vet is attending to all its feet, you would say: "The vet is attending to all the sheep's feet." If there is more than one sheep, however, you would say "the vet is attending to all the sheep's feet."

What does a wild sheep eat?

All sheep are grazers. Be they wild or domesticated they all eat the same. Wild sheep enjoy grass and grass as much as the domestics.

How many sheep are in Romania?

Approx. 9 000 000 in 2009; after 1990 the so-called "pro-western democrats" destroyed all in Romania, including...sheep!

If sheep cost 2 dollars pigs 1 dollar and hens 50 cents what are three solutions involving all animals if a farmer were to spend 10 dollars on 10 animals?

1 could be 10 pigs. 2 could be 6 hens, 1 pig, and 3 sheep. 3 could be 1 pig, 6 hens and 3 sheep, (same as above :) ) HOPE THIS HELPED

Can you milk a sheep that is not classified as a dairy sheep?

1) there is no such thing as a 'dairy sheep' 2) you can milk all sheep otherwise baby sheep would die to think about what ur asking

Do sheep eat grass?

First of all the plural of "sheep" is "sheep" not "sheep" and your use of the possessive (sheep) is incorrect in the context of your question. To answer your question -yes, sheep eat grass.

How many weeks does it take a horse farmer to train a horse?

it really all depends on the horse itself

What is the sheep mrs green?

sheep are living things that have all of these MRS GREN

Were all the sheep used in cloning females?

All breeds of sheep can be used now that the experiment was a success, however, Dolly was a clone of a Dorset White-faced Sheep.

What is the singular noun for sheep?

The noun sheep is both the singular and the plural form. Example; A sheep became separated from the flock. All of the sheep are in the south pasture.

Is a sheep a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

A sheep is a vertebrate as it has an internal skeleton and a backbone. All mammals are classified as vertebrates and sheep are mammals.

A sentence that has both singular and plural sheep in it?

We tried to herd all of the sheep into the pasture, but one sheep strayed from the flock.

Are walnut trees poison to sheep?

No, walnut trees are not poisonous to sheep at all. The sheep can the leaves from the walnut tree and not get sick.

Is A Sheep Fur Wool?

Some types of sheep produce wool. That is where wool comes from. Not all sheep produce wool.

How much time off does an average farmer get?

It all depends on how many animals they have, how many acres of crops, how big the farm is, etc.

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