NEET 2024 Topper List: Detailed Breakdown and Analysis

The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) 2024 results have created significant buzz this year, with several notable occurrences and statistics capturing the attention of students, educators, and media alike. Here’s a detailed look at the NEET 2024 topper list, the controversy surrounding the results, and additional highlights.

NEET 2024 Topper List Highlights

Top Rankers:

This year, an unprecedented number of students secured the All India Rank (AIR) 1, primarily due to a revision in a Physics question. Here are some key highlights and top performers:

  1. Syed Aarifin Yusuf M - Roll Number: 4101140577
  2. Mridul Manya Anand - Roll Number: 2001920176
  3. Ayush Naugraiya - Roll Number: 4408010813
  4. Mazin Mansoor - Roll Number: 2301050238
  5. Rupayan Mandal - Roll Number: 4615020151
  6. Akshat Pangaria - Roll Number: 3406010794
  7. Shaurya Goyal - Roll Number: 2202080517

Notable Facts and Figures:

  • Total Number of Toppers with AIR 1: 67 students secured the AIR 1 this year.
  • Perfect Scores: A significant number of students achieved perfect scores of 720/720, leading to multiple AIR 1 ranks.
  • Total Qualified Candidates: Out of 24,060,79 registered students, 13,16,268 candidates successfully cleared the examination.

State-wise Toppers:

The NEET 2024 results saw remarkable performances across various states. Here are some state-wise toppers:

  • Andhra Pradesh:
    • Poreddy Pavan Kumar Reddy
    • Vadlapudi Mukhesh Chowdary
  • Bihar:
    • Tathagat Awatar (Bihar's notable AIR 1)
  • Delhi:
    • Mridul Manya Anand
    • Divyansh (overcame a severe lung condition to top the exam)
  • Uttar Pradesh:
    • Ayush Naugraiya
    • Aryan Yada

Controversies and Clarifications:

This year’s NEET results were not without controversy. A major issue arose due to the revision of a Physics question, leading to a significant increase in the number of students achieving AIR 1.

  1. Physics Question Revision: The revision of a particular Physics question’s answer resulted in many students who initially scored slightly lower obtaining perfect scores after the correction.
  2. Exam Center Issues: There were reports of multiple top rankers coming from the same exam center, raising concerns about possible irregularities.
  3. NTA's Clarification: The National Testing Agency (NTA) clarified that the high number of perfect scores was due to the revised scoring and not due to any malpractices.

Topper Profiles:

Many of the top performers have unique and inspiring backgrounds:

  • Syed Aarifin Yusuf M: Hailing from Tamil Nadu, Syed's dedication and consistent study routine helped him achieve a perfect score.
  • Mridul Manya Anand: A student from Delhi, Mridul balanced school studies with rigorous NEET preparation.
  • Ayush Naugraiya: From Uttar Pradesh, Ayush's disciplined approach to both school and NEET coaching led him to secure AIR 1.

Examination Details:

  • Date of Exam: The NEET UG 2024 was conducted on May 5, 2024.
  • Result Announcement: Results were declared on June 5, 2024.

Gender and Category Analysis:

  • Gender-wise Performance: Both male and female candidates performed exceptionally well, with many female students securing top ranks.
  • Category-wise Performance: Students from various categories, including General, OBC, SC, and ST, were among the top rankers, showcasing the diverse talent pool.

Cut-off Trends:

The cut-off scores this year showed an increase compared to previous years, reflecting the growing competition and preparation standards among aspirants. The cut-off for different categories were:

  • General: 163-129
  • OBC/SC/ST: 136-107

Official Announcements and Future Steps:

Following the declaration of results, the NTA provided official guidelines for the next steps in the admission process. Candidates were advised to download their scorecards from the official NTA website and proceed with the counseling sessions as per the schedule announced by the respective state and central counseling authorities.


The NEET 2024 results have set a new precedent in terms of the number of top rankers and perfect scores, highlighting the increasing competitiveness and high standards of preparation among students. The controversies, while significant, were addressed by the NTA to ensure transparency and fairness in the examination process. As these top achievers move forward in their medical careers, their stories of dedication and perseverance will continue to inspire future NEET aspirants.

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