Capgemini Campus Placements for Freshers Technical Interview Questions Answers

Capgemini Interview may start by asking you basic questions like introduce yourself, then will come to your academic performances, subjects interested, starts with your favorite courses in engineering, few questions from final year project like why you have selected that project, also its outcome, they also expect and encourage you to write answer for some small coding questions, syntax based questions, asks you to write logics as well. Capgemini placement test selection results will be declared within 30 to 40 days, and this thing may vary to less/more based on the business requirements of the company.

It will be depend on interviewer to interviewer, and student to student, but the possibility of above said may repeat in your case, so we have collected previously asked interview questions in detail.

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Recently asked Capgemini Technical Interview Questions with Answers:-
Capgemini final selection process will be based on the two interview rounds, one is technical interview and other is hr interview questions, sometime they conduct both interviews for each candidates and for some time they will reject the students in technical interview itself.

  • OOPS concepts
  • SQL queries
  • Asked to write logic for Fibonacci series.
  • Asked to write logic for swapping two numbers
  • Sorting related question, asked which is efficient and why
  • Logic for leap year
  • What is Trigger
  • What are the trending technologies
  • Tell me about your Project.
  • Normalization related question
  • What is Semaphore
  • What is deadlock
  • What is OOPs
  • HTML,CSS basic questions
  • What is Method Overloading and Method Over Riding
  • What are Threads
  • Write a program on threads
  • Write Program of your choice then?
  • Give an example where pass by value gives an error and pass by reference rectifies the statement.
  • Is it compulsion for abstract class to have abstract method?
  • What does SQL stand for? Give some advantages of SQL.
  • Difference between primary and secondary key.
  • Basic concepts of OOP languages?
  • Did you do any other projects other than this?
  • What is your role in the project?
  • Explain situation where triggers are used.

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