Features of C Programming Language

Features of C Programming Language

C is a widely used programming language. "C programming language is quite fast and by using this programming language you create robust applications. For instance management apps, marketing apps or communications apps that are used by many people all around the world. It provides many features that are given below.

How To Learn Programming Language?

C is the most popular programming language, C has many advantages: Modularity: modularity is one of the important characteristics of C. we can split the C program into no. of modules instead of repeating the same logic statements (sequentially). It allows the reusability of modules. 

Middle-level language: as a middle-level language C combines both the advantages of low-level and high-level languages. (arrays, pointers, etc).

General purpose programming language: C can be used to implement any kind of application such as math’s oriented, graphics, or business-oriented applications. Portability: we can compile or execute C programs in any operating system(Unix, dos, windows).

Powerful programming language: C is a very efficient and powerful programming language, it is best used for data structures and designing system software. C is a case-sensitive language.

Features of C:-

  • Small
  • Speed
  • Modularity
  • Case sensitive language
  • Middle-level language
  • Structured
  • Memory Management
  • Rich library
  • Pointer & Recursion
  • Extensible
  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Machine Independent or Portable


  • C provides 32 reserved keywords, these keywords provide control to programmers on language. By understanding the use of keywords we can do programming in the C language.
  • C language can easily learn in less time because C language is a small and simple language.
  • This language provides a structured approach.
  • In C language there are various data types and library functions provided to solve the problems.


  • The main feature of the C language is Speed because after assembly language C language is considered to be the fastest.
  • The compilation and execution time of the C language is very fast.
  • C language is also known as Low-level language.
  • This language is very close to the hardware.


C is a Modular programming language. In this feature, small modules are made to solve any problem and these small modules are known as functions. By dividing any program into modules, it becomes easy to manage or debug the program.

Case Sensitive:-

  • C is a case-sensitive language.
  • In case-sensitive programming, all letters are different whether they are small or capital variables, which makes it easy for the programmer to create variables in a program.
  • Middle-level language:-
  • This is the main feature in features of C.C language is a middle-level language because C language can make high-level and low-level software.
  • C language is also used in programming low-level language, in which system applications are created. it also supports the features of a high-level language, that’s why C language is called a middle-level language.


  • C is a structured programming language. 
  • In this feature, small modules are made to solve any problem and these small modules are known as functions. By dividing any program into modules, it becomes easy to manage or debug the program.

Memory Management:-

Memory Management is a good feature in features of C.

C language supports the feature of dynamic memory allocation.

We can allocate time memory with the help of the free() function.

Rich Library:-

This is language provides various in-built functions, with the help of which we can speed up any program.

Pointer and Recursion:-

  • C language provides Pointer and Recursion features. we can directly handle the memory with the help of Pointer. we use a pointer for Array, Function, and Structures.
  • In C programming, we can call the function inside the function. C language provides code re-usability to us. By which we can use the code of any function again.


In the C programming language, you can add your own user-defined library and use it. Because the C language is an extensible programming language and we can add new features easily.


  • After assembly language, the C language is considered to be the fastest.
  • This is also sometimes called low-level language.
  • C language is close to the hardware.
  • Processing of applications created in the C language is fast.


C is a simple language in the sense that it provides a structured approach (to break the problem into parts), a rich set of library functions, data types, etc.

Machine Independent or Portable

Unlike assembly language, c programs can be executed on different machines with some machine-specific changes. Therefore, C is a machine-independent language.

A detailed description of the above program is given in the next chapters.

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