History of C Programming Language

History of C Programming Language

To overcome the problems of languages such as B and BCPL, Dennis Ritchie from The United States of America developed the C language in 1972.

C was developed by Dennis Ritchie, he was born on 9th September 1941. Ritchie invented two great inventions, the C programming language, and Unix operating system. he also co-authored a book “The C Programming Language”.

C is used for creating system applications. Implementation of system software was designed by C language. It is a case-sensitive programming language.

Dennis Ritchie further was referred to as “The Father of Modern Programming Languages”.

C is a simple programming language in the history of computing programming language. It is structure-oriented. Nowadays, many programming languages have arrived with many features like C++, Python, Java, and more but C is a base of any language. 

Initially, C was developed to be used in UNIX operating system, but nowadays its compatibility has grown a lot ranging from windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, and others. Many of the important working principles of C comes from BCPL, developed by Martin Richards, although B, BCLP is typeless languages C provides a number of different data types.

C Programming history:-

  1. In 1960, ALGOL was developed by the international group.
  2. In 1966, Martin Richards developed BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language before developing C.
  3. Later, Ken Thomson further developed BCPL by developing the first letter of BCPL i.e. he developed the B language.
  4. Ken Thomson developed the BASIC type of UNIX Operating System, while the B language was in motion.
  5. After all this, by further developing the B language, Dennis Ritchie developed the C language in the Bell laboratory.  
  6. After developing the C language, Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson together developed the UNIX Operating System.

In 1978, Kerni Ghan and Ritchie both did further improvement in the C language and they brought the C programming language in front of the whole world.

In 1989, ANSI C was developed by the ANSI Committee.

In 1999, The new version of C was developed, In which have new features like Data Types- char, float, int, double were used.

Today’s we are using the new version of C is C11, which is developed by Standard Committee.

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