What does the phrase bend over and spell run mean?

When you tell someone to bend over and spell "run", then the joke is they are bending over and asking "Are you in?", implying they are bending over with a penis being inserted into their bumhole.

What does bend over and spell run mean?

RUN = Are You In?

How do you spell the word when you bend down?

"kneel", "stoop", "crouch", "bend over"

What does it mean to say a phrase over and over?


What does Bow mean in Internet slang?

"Bend Over Whore"

Which impact of the enlightenment do you consider most important why?

Turn around bend over spell Run. (R.U.N)

How does Michael Jackson bend over?

He does not bend over. If you mean how does he lean forward so much and defies gravity: he has patented shoes that allow him to do that.

Which important impact of the enlightenment do you consider the most important?

Turn around bend over spell Run. (R.U.N)

What does the phrase 'If you bend over to kiss your butt goodbye would you see the sky' mean?

== == It is just an expression or play on words that means your end result of a particular situation will not result in a good outcome.

What does the phrase get over on someone mean?

forget em

Where is the answer key?

the first step to finding the answer key is to bend over and spell run very loud then moan even louder

Is the answer key?

the first step to finding the answer key is to bend over and spell run very loud then moan even louder

What does it mean to bend over and drop your drawers?

That would be in preparation for anal sex.

Can dinosaurs bend over?

O course Dinosaurs can bend over. There are actually many dinosaurs that can bend over for example, a stegosaurus can bend over and eat some leaves in low lands.

How do you spell mudpuddle?

The phrase is two words, mud puddle. Tom stepped over the mud puddle.

What does this phrase mean You could have knocked me over with a feather?

you are excited

How do you bend over with a thong on?

you just bend over and let what happens to happen

Is there two different ways to spell bow?

There is only one way to spell "bow", but there are two ways to pronounce "bow." [bou] as in to bend over and also [boh] as in a wooden archer's bow.

What is the name of the song that goes bend over over over over over?

it's a song by RDX called, 'shock' 'bend over'

Why is the vertebral column able to bend over slightly when someone bends over?

because he or she wants to bend over and over

How do you spell chared?

If you mean presiding over a meeting, "chaired". If you mean burnt, "charred".

What does ducked mean?

If you duck, you lower your head and bend over so you won't get hit by something.

What does 'stoop' mean?

It is a verb meaning to bend over. It is also a noun meaning the porch of a house.

What does the phrase building a bridge mean?

it means to get over it.

What does the phrase practice make perfect mean?

If you do something over and over again, you'll get better at it.

What does the phrase feel her up mean?

when you feel a woman all over her body

What does Buck Dich mean?

It means bend yourself, or bend thyself. In German, something like Bück rüber (bend over), for instance, would be incorrect; they say Bück dich. It means the same thing though.

What does the phrase teabag mean?

the phrase teabag mean to rub you testicles on somthing or squat down so that your crotch is touching them only males can do this on over somthing or someone

What does the phrase on the nail mean?

It means to be exact or make a valid point. It is related to "hitting the nail on the head." A good carpenter would be able to swing a hammer and center it over the head of the nail as they hit it. That way, they don't bend the nail nor smash their finger. So just like a good carpenter swings with accuracy, the phrase can be used to mean being exactly correct.

What does the cowboy slang 'boil over' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This phrase refers to a horse bucking. To boil over is to begin bucking. The image is of a pot on the fire suddenly bubbling over.

What does don't drop the soap mean?

When someone says that phrase they mean when a person is showering in jail or prison and are anally penetrated without their consent. It refers to a person dropping it, then having to bend over naked to pick it up, and another inmate taking the opportunity to insert their penis. This saying is used for many jokes.

What does lean mean?

Lean means either: to incline or bend, or it can also mean skinny. In the case of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it means to incline (as in "lean over").

Is he fell over the phrase Main Clause or a Subordinate Clause?

Is he fell over a phrase a main clause or a subordinate clause

Is over the rainbow a prepositional phrase?

Yes, "over the rainbow" is a prepositional phrase.

What is saying a phrase over and over?

Saying a phrase over and over can be called repetition. Seems simple but really its a literary tool to use repetition on a word or phrase.

What is the origin of the idiom bend over backward?

You will do whatever it takes to get something done or to please someone. You will literally bend over backward if that is what it takes.

What bone is used in bending over?

Your backbone "bends" as you bend over.

What plane is bent over a row?

Planes can't bend over.

What does seni domaltirim mean?

it's in Turkish f.you... a more verbatim translation is "I'll bend you over", as in getting you in the "doggy" position.

What is he feel over a phrase main clause or a subordinate clause?

Is he fallen over a phrase?

What does consume me mean?

The phrase "consume me" means to take over in complete totality. To be in the position to cease to exist.

Does the phrase Their time up indicated that their death was predestined?

It can -- it can also mean that a timed event was literally over.

What does the phrase in over your head mean?

Metaphorically drowning; through lack of skills, knowledge, time etc.

What does the phrase went over like a lead balloon mean?

unpopular or bad idea as proven by the response

Why do your face swell if I bend over to long?

Your face swells if you bend over because the blood goes to your face, and swells up the blood vessels.

What does twice over mean?

The phrase, twice over means that someone has given it a second look. A person has checked it more than once.

What does chanted mean?

It is to say or intone a phrase or series of sounds repeatedly over and over again. It is typically used in religious rituals or ceremonies.

What rewards do you get as an architect?

Bend over and ill show you

What if a boy makes you come to his house?

Bend over

What is another word for bend over?

bow, curve :):)

How can you shake your butt?

ya bend over and move it

How do you bend your leg over your head?

Takes practice

What are the uses for peanuts?

Bend over, ill show you

Where is Jenin in Israel?

Bend over I'll show you. ;)

What does it mean when a guy as you to bend over and take a pic of you with your bra only and take it naughty?

It means he is a pervert. You don't have to do that if u don't want to.

What is the phrase plowed over mean?

Plowed over means to knock over and do it with force. Jessica hopes i answered your question if do not write anything rude. Please don't

What does substitute mean?

Someone who takes over a class or event temporarily. (sorry dont know how to spell... )

What does substitution mean?

Someone who takes over a class or event temporarily. (sorry dont know how to spell... )

What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence she glanced over her shoulder?

over her shoulder is the prepositional phrase in the sentence.

Describe one situation when an individual right can conflict with the responsibility of an organization?

The page has been blockedInformationURL:Special:CheckSpellReason: Weighted phrase limit exceeded category:PornographyGroup: CBSC Studentsyou could show him your breast and then bend over and let him put it in u

What is an example sentence with the phrase get over?

Get over is a phrase that is used commonly. It means to move on for something in life.

What does 'mortas na hÉireann' mean?

"Pride of Ireland" would translate the phrase. Needs an accent over the 'o'.

What does this phrase 'to have somebody over' mean?

It means to invite someone to your home for a meal or to play games or just for coffee.

What does this phrase exactly mean Time works great changes?

Literal and colloquial, 'things change over time'.

What does dig-you-gooden mean?

Shakespeare never had any of his characters say this. Honest. Yet nevertheless, it appears in questions over and over again. Why? Who is suggesting that this is a phrase found in Shakespeare? It means nothing and is not a phrase used by anyone. The phrase "Gi' you good-den" is another story altogether.

Why does it hurt when I bend over in the abdomen?

Pain in the abdomen could mean that you are having intestinal problems, such as constipation. You may also be experiencing menstrual cramps.

Are side-blotched lizards poisonous?

no, but they got a mean bite! beware of bleeding. hold them lightly by the head or above the arms,if not they will bend over and bite you!

What rhymes with clover?

over, dover, rovergrover, bend over, orange sodaRover, drover.

What is enchant mean?

to cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something, i hope this helps =]

What Parts of speech is over in The balloon floated over the treetops?

The - Definite article balloon - Noun floated - verb over - preposition the - definite article treetops - noun [The balloon] - noun phrase [floated over the treetops] - verb phrase [over the treetops] - prepositional phrase [the treetops] - noun phrase

What is to say or sing a phrase over and over?


What it called to sing a phrase over and over?


What does recurring previously mean?

In standardized and modern English usage the phrase order is "previously reoccurring." This phrase regards that an event has repeated itself over the past time frame. An commonly used alternate phrase is "a reoccurring history."

How can I get an even spell at home?

I'd suggest you do a 'Get over it' spell or a 'forgive and forget' spell

How do you pick up your butt?

you bend over and pick it up

What is natural number 1?

bend over and ill show you

What if a guy hugs you all the time?


Can you cheat the game pacman?

You bend over and fist yourself.

Does Hailee march-like to bend over and touch her toes?


What does a service D include on a Mercedes Benz?

bend over

Why do boys ask you to bend over?

because they're awesome.

What is a corn bag?

Bend over, I'll show ya.

Is there a kid who can bend their finger?

yes, somewhere over the rainbow~

How to bend a girl over nicely?

tell her to touch her toes,

What is the meaning of over the fence?

The meaning of the phrase over the fence is when a person has to select between the two sides. This could also mean being unreasonable or unjust.

What does the phrase im a still a beast at bay mean?

The phrase means, that one is trapped and cannot escape, so he must face the evil coming for him.

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